Kozue’s Ironwork World Quest Walkthrough Guide & Rewards Genshin Impact

Kozue’s Ironwork is a world quest for Genshin Impact. Guide contains how to get the quest, where to start Kozue’s Ironwork, rewards and location!

Type World Quest
Requires AR 0
Is Part of  
Description Narukami Island’s Kozue requests 10 Iron Chunks.
  Prev Quest(s) Next Quest(s)

Kozue’s Ironwork World Quest Walkthrough

Give Kozue 10 Iron Chunk.

Help Needed:
This commission was given to me by our boss, Taroumaru.
The boss instructed me to find a reliable source of goods, so please help me with sourcing 10 Iron Chunks.
As for their purpose… the boss has his own considerations, and I do not question his motives.
The boss also mentioned that if the goods prove to be of high-quality, he is willing to extend this to a long-term partnership.


(Talking to Kozue)
Kozue: Please wait, dear costumer… Ah, it’s you.
Kozue: What is your business with in Komore Teahouse today?

Interested in Iron Chunks?

Kozue: Are you here about my commission? If so, I guess you’ve already got those 10 Iron Chunks ready, right?

Here they are.

Kozue: Mm… yep, that’s 10. I’ll hand them to Taroumaru shortly.
I haven’t got them yet.

Kozue: Okay, well go get them, then bring them here.


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