Legend of the Willow: First Snow Walkthrough – Season 1 Ep 1


Welcome to the walkthrough of season 1 Episode 1 “First Snow”, the newest interactive book” Legend of the Willow”. This page contains a description of the plot of the Romance Club, a popular novel for Android and IOS.


Most of the choices you make for your Main character in this book affect several variables: you can change the character’s character sideways. Passion-emotionality, temperament 🔥 or Cold-reasonableness, cold-bloodedness ❄. Think about what you want your character to look like.

DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY: due to the very confusing nature of this game, where each of your choices sets in motion a complex series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the step-by-step guides may not match your gaming experience. If you encounter something that is not described in our step-by-step guides, leave a comment so that we can refresh the page and add an additional possible route.

Season 1, Episode 1 “First Snow” Guide

The girl is preparing to become a geisha, but turns into a kitsune-Fox-werewolf. Now it’s not just people who are after her.

As usual, the beginning of a new story prompts you to choose what your character will look like. We play for May!

Choice: I look…

  • ►Great. Let the story begin.
  • ►Okay, but I want to see some extra outfits.
  • ►Okay, but I want to see more hairstyles.

It’s cold outside, and may is going to check her Luggage and go back to her mistress. Nearby, soldiers are warming themselves by the fire. One of them calls You and demands that you give the prisoner water.

Choice: Sorry, sir..

  • ►I’m afraid.
  • ►I am now.

If you get a prisoner drunk, he will thank you and stand up for you. We learn that our heroine is Maiko, which means her status (she will soon become a geisha).

Another warrior comes out of the darkness. This is Ronin.

May returns to Mrs. Sumiko. She asks why it took so long?

Choice: …

  • ►It’s not my fault. (+1 passion 🔥)
  • ►Forgive me, mistress. (❄️ +1 Coldness)
  • ►You won’t believe what happened (+1 passion 🔥)
  • ►The Luggage is all right, mistress (❄️ +1 Coldness)

The girls stayed the night. All the inhabitants of the tavern are going on their way

Choice: Hmm.. better to go..

  • ►With soldiers.
  • ►With Ronin.
  • ►One.
The choice does not affect the further history!

I chose to ride with Ronin. It is a silent and sullen companion. Together you reached your destination.

May talks to her mistress about preparing for the speech.

Choice: …

  • ►Ask your mentor about Ronin.🔁
  • ►Ask your mentor about the samurai.🔁
  • ►Ask your mentor about the daimyo.
Here you can find out who the ronin, samurai, and daimyo are. This is the introductory part of the series.

Choice: Which kimono to wear?

  • ►The mirror of the sky (27💎)
  • ►Windy sunset (free)
You go to the "Golden forest", one of the most expensive establishments in the city. Respected people gathered to watch may's speech.

⏰ The choice at the time: What to do?

  • ►Lower the hand with the fan.
  • ►Throw a fan. ✔
  • ►Cover your face with a fan.

Choice: Then..

  • ►Small step to the side.
  • ►Step back.
  • ►Turn. ✔

These elections have affected the attitude towards you, which will affect the future. Your assessment – this dance was perfect! This will reflect on may’s reputation.

After the performance, Eiji Mori approached You. He asked if you sing

Choice: …

  • ►I hope so. (+1 passion 🔥)
  • ►It is not for me to judge. (+1 composure❄)

The lady has selected 3 candidates for You and allowed you to choose yourself.

Choice: who should I give an ECU to?

  • ►Taizo Hori.
  • ►Eiji Mori. – 
  • ►Kio Sugai.

This choice will affect Your story.

May is preparing for the ceremony. The character you gave ekubo to comes in. He says Hello.

Choice: …

  • ►Reply.
  • ►Say nothing.

WARNING! This is followed by a sex scene in which the heroine becomes a geisha.

At some point, the satellite will get scared and exclaim-Kitsune! It turns out that at the moment of the ceremony, may turned into a Fox! Maiko is very scared. The guards rush into the room.

THE PATH OF PASSION: May runs away from the house she grew up in.

So, may in the form of a Fox remains on the street. She’s cold and scared. What will happen next?

Read the rest of may’s story on our pages. If you have any additions to this part of the story, let us know in the comments below!

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