Liquidators – 100% Walkthrough Guide


For Liquidators  players, who is having troubles playthrough the game or just looking for a walkthrough guide, this is exactly what you are looking for, let’s check it out.


8 minute walkthrough

Skip the beginning and ending story, just for gameplay reference.

Hope there will be more games about historic disaster like this one.

Game Basic(Just in case someone need)

  • Graphics is changeable.
    The old visual style can be changed. Settings->Video->Filter Strength, switch it to low or none.Liquidators 100% Walkthrough
  • Instruction is necessary, please read.
    Liquidators 100% WalkthroughLiquidators 100% Walkthrough

Room 0: Info

Before we open the first door, let’s find out what we can do. (Abilities of three workers do help reduce the risk but not necessary to the mission, don’t hesitate to choose.)

  • Alexei, the electrician can turn on electronics.Liquidators 100% Walkthrough
  • Valeri can crawl through places like this.
    Liquidators 100% Walkthrough
  • Boris can endure more careless radiation exposition.

After we enter the main floor, the first valve
Liquidators 100% Walkthrough
What else do we know.

  • Red dot switches to green if one object is interactive, and to yellow if sth else doesn’t meet requirement.
  • Backup flashlight and medic kit, don’t forget to use.
    Liquidators 100% Walkthrough
  • Rooms are connected, try to open gates to create shortcuts for others in case we fail.
    Liquidators 100% WalkthroughLiquidators 100% Walkthrough

Room 1: Darkness

On the right of the big gate, it’s the Room1 in mission info. Walk carefully and avoid touching the radiation.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughCrouch here to protect head
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughAim towards to right-side wall, remember the safe direction, then slowly move in the dark
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughLiquidators 100% WalkthroughLiquidators 100% Walkthrough

Room 2: Water

We can pick Room 2 before 1, it doesn’t matter. And we only have to get through one room to go to Room 3 upstairs.

On the left of the big gate is Room 2, we need to sprint this time. If we choose Alexei, go on the first platform in front of us and turn right, he can turn on lights now.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughIf we choose Valeri, after we turn on generator he can crawl through the tunnel on the left side.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughIf Boris, just run from one platform to another one close. Note that we can’t survive more than 10 seconds under wasted water, so keep fast.
Liquidators 100% Walkthrough

Room 3: Alert

After we get out, go down the fork in the road and open the gate in case we lose contact in next Room 3.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughWe find the fourth valve, things could not be that easy. In this room, the environmental radiation is invisible, we need to stay alert and do quick response.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughTurn right to the end of road then turn left and forward.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughMeet this corner and turn right again.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughMove straight to the end of road and turn left.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughTurn left here and sprint to the left corner.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughLiquidators 100% WalkthroughGet on the ladder and turn left.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughForward and see a ladder on the right.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughFind the valve again.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughGet on the ladder and go back.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughAfter we leave room 3, turn left here and open gate.
Liquidators 100% Walkthrough

Room 4: Fall

Liquidators 100% WalkthroughNote there’s an interactive door shows yellow dot(not interactive temporarily).
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughGet down to water tanks room.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughOpen the gate, the previous door turns out an elevator down here, but we have to wait for 20s after pressing the button.
Liquidators 100% WalkthroughFinally, to get fifth valve, run on the broken pipe marked “1”, we fall on the stairs under water, go up and succeed. To get the last one, go on the broken pipe marked “2” and step on the grey middle pipe. The illustration is an ugly draft, could watch video instead.
Liquidators 100% Walkthrough
Go back.
Liquidators 100% Walkthrough 

That’s all we are sharing today in Liquidators 100% Walkthrough, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

Credit to johnreeson

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