Loop Hero Comfort Build Guide

Loop Hero Comfort Build Guide

15.03.2021 0 By Butcher79

For Loop Hero players, as things can get overwhelming once you start having too many options (cards, classes, combos). So, I suggest this comfy yet powerful and fun build for the Rouge.


Things can get overwhelming once you start having too many options (cards, classes, combos). So, I suggest this comfy yet powerful and fun build for the Rouge.


Pd. Although my favorite class is the Necromancer, I believe it relies too heavily on luck.

Loop Hero Comfort Build Guide

Deck Building

Loop Hero Comfort Build Guide


  1. Cemetery and Ruins. Careful with Ruins since the worms can attack from a square away.
  2. Spider Cocoon and Vampire Mansion create an awesome flow of enemies, pace and total number of Trophies.
  3. Battlefield is optional. I like to use it, although the Rouge does not directly benefit from the chests.
  4. Bookery is especially useful since it gives you more card options for optimal placement.
  5. Outposts are for combat heavy areas where you feel you are losing lots of health or the slow flow of the loop is evident.
  6. Forest/ThicketRiver and Desert/Sand Dune. Here you are looking for a large river and staking Sand Dunes and Thickets. Some oasis combos are nice but try taking advantage of the river + 2 thicket, since it gives you 8% hero attack speed.
  7. Oblivion is optional, and frankly not that useful unless you make a mistake or have bad luck with the cards. It helps if you need to change Forest for Thickets and Deserts for Desert Dunes.
  8. And finally, the gold card, Arsenal is a must since an extra equipment slot gives you more options for Stats Maximization.

Stats Hierarchy

  • Above all, Evasion.
    Just remember that the maximum is 75%, so there is no point going beyond that.
  • You will rely heavily on the Thickets for Attack Speed Advantage, so Total Damage and Magic HP must be the second tier.
  • The oasis combo will help you have an always standing advantage when outnumber, but don’t neglect the use of outposts on combat heavy areas.

Loop Hero Comfort Build Guide


Active Traits

Loop Hero Comfort Build Guide

At the very beginning your worst enemy is slow pace, this means: few cards and few enemies.

You must get out of that limbo as fast as possible, so Card-Sharp is extremely useful since 1 of 10 card you build is going to repeat itself. This is especially great when you get double Thickets or Sand Dunes later.

Skilled Architect is, hand down, my favorite card. It just skyrockets the leveling process in this heavy card dependent and card-placing build. And it works wonders with Card-Sharp.

Fuss is OK once you have a heavy enemy loop.

Other cards I feel are a very personal choice and they depend on early, mid or late game circumstances.


Final Tips

  • When choosing gear at the beginning of each Loop look for Stats before level. Regard the hierarchy of stats and look at all the gear before making changes. But be attentive once a gear level stay 2-3 levels below the overall level of your gear.
  • Leaving left click pressed on the “Return to Camp” button makes a clockwork come out. This makes the game stop at the cozy camp (if you make it all the way across). This is immensely helpful. Try to make it a habit. Take a reality check at the end of a loop. Ask yourself:

-What does your build lack?
-Is your health below 50% after the cozy camp boost?
-Are you going to survive another loop at this rate?

This becomes especially important after loop 5, since is a good moment to leave if your luck is not improving.

  • Take the Loop Enemy Level (the number of loops) and compare it with your overall gear level.

    -Early on (from loop 1 to 5) you need at least 1-2 level above.
    -Mid game (5-11) you need at least 5-7.
    -Once you get above 9, you are on end-game sacred grounds and must widen the gap further every time.

    Here, for some reason, the game slows the hero attack down after the hero performs some strikes. I call this the Slog effect. (I guess it is made so that you do not break the game.)

    Loop Hero Comfort Build GuideA third and reddish bar appears on the hero. Once consumed, it can attack as normal.
    Loop Hero Comfort Build Guide

That’s all we are sharing today in Loop Hero Comfort Build Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.