Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer

Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer

12.03.2021 0 By Butcher79

For Loop Hero players, this is a guide that explains how to beat act IV using necromancer, let’s check it out.


Final Chapter is hard, and I had tried so many times with different combo and get slapped in my face.
This is the answer I have and I would like to share them to all of you.Besides that, I am so curious about how did you all clear the last chapter, I will be super grateful if you would kindly share your method to fulfill my curiosity.I might upload the whole clear video to Youtube… hopefully, if anyone is interested.
Its about 85 minutes, so I need to cut them and set their playback speed to higher.This guide is written on March 8th 2021(v1.009), changes might be made by Devs.

Deck Building

Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
Gold Card – Ancestral Crypt
This card let you +3 HP whenever you kill an enemy with soul, with this, you can have high HP without the rock card in your deck.
It also gives +1 revive that might save your run.Deck Building Thoughts
Here is my general thoughts, I will put the description of each card on different section, about how I use these card and what to take note.This is the gold card I choose as it can boost our max HP without the need of Rock in our deck and since Necromancer do not have Armor slot, so there is no downside for this card.You will need to kill an enemy that has a soul to increase your HP, and the Grove that spawn weak Ratwolf are a great choice.


With River + Thicket(+2% Atk Spd) and Oasis(River placed beside Sand Dunes that gives -0.5% Atk Spd and -1% Atk Spd for enemy), this will greatly increase the ability of Necromancer.

Necromancer’s skill is very very important, I want to have all the skill in my hand before I face the boss, so I need the Suburbs that gives bonus exp for leveling.

Vampire Mansion + Village are great to have because they give better quest rewards. But I like to use them beside the Camp tile to take advantage of the Watchtower.

Battle Field is just another way to obtain great gear but I will avoid cramping them together to avoid many Blood Cloth.

For equipment just go for +1 max Skeleton for each gear with at least 1 have summon quality.

In conclusion, gold card to boost HP, oasis to reduce enemy ATK SPD, Thicket to increase our ATK SPD, and summon swarm of skeleton to gang bang the boss!

My idea was to stuff every possible tile with Grove and have tons of Ratwolf spawned and farm them to be the big fat tanky mage.

Tips: Try to separate Grove in the early game as you do not want them to gang bang you,


Card Type – Road

Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using NecromancerVillage is used to heal but in this case, I pair it with Vampire Mansion to have them spawn 4 zombie in the early game to quickly get as many card/ equipment as possible.
After 3 loop it turn into Count Village that is still good as it can recover your HP before boss or after boss.Take note that 2 village will spawn a bandit camp which is my top priority to remove as it has 5% chance to steal your gear (Don’t gamble, remove it ASAP, I once get my gear stolen and failed a run)Important: I have 4 level 2 Watch Tower in my base, so that is 4 artillery support 2 tiles from the camp. I will ONLY use village and vampire mansion on these 4 tiles until I am fully equipped.Reminder: ONLY PLACE Vampire Mansion directly beside to change the village into Ranscaked Village.

Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
Grove is your friendly starting card which spawn Ratwolf which is kinda weak but Ratwolf HAS A SOUL, which here come your Ancestral Crypt, with every Ratwolf you kill, you get a little boost to your max HP.


Card Type – Roadside

Vampire Mansion
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using NecromancerVampire Mansion add a Vampire to battle whenever a battle occur in its range. It’s crucial when you need to farm orb of expansion.Whenever you place a Vampire Mansion DIRECTLY beside a village, it will turn the village into a Ransacked Village and immediately spawn 4 Ghouls, and transform to Count’s Land that gives better quest rewards.Take note that both Ghoul and Vampire both are enemy that has a soul, which can trigger the effect of increasing your max HP.IMPORTANT: In early game, only place them beside the village that are beside your camp to use take advantage of Watchtower. I am at level 2 Watchtower so I can place 4 village in the 4 tiles beside the camp.

Battle Field
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using NecromancerSpawn a chest when you complete a loop in his range. DO NOT place directly beside the camp, I do not know if its a bug or not, it will not spawn a chest if you do so.

If the tile that are in their range overlapped and you do not have any Road on it, it will place a blood path that spawn a Blood Cloth. Try not to have more than one blood path, as in my experience, Blood Cloth mostly attack our hero directly and sometimes kills us.

Smith’s Forge
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using NecromancerSmith’s Forge provide you a 20% damage reduction (up to 30 stacks) with exchange of junk gear.

I only place one of these right before the camp so I can get the sweet damage reduction before I fight the boss.

Ideal Placement
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
Just before the boss, you can have 2 Village + Camp healing, and the damage reduction from Smith Forge.

Card Type – Landscape

Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
River doubles the effect of adjacent LANDSCAPE tiles.
When adjacent is a Sand Dunes, turns into a Oasis which -0.5% Atk Spd and -1% Atk Spd of enemiesForest
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
Forest +1% Atk Spd, but Thicket +2%, so only use Thicket
10 Thickets spawn a A Village? which will spawn a Wooden Warrior but no worries, Wooden Warrioir only counters, so you just summon skele to kill them, it’s a piece of cake even you are out numbered (Different case for Warrior and Rogue)Desert
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
Desert -0.5% HP of all, Sand Duns -1%, use it on mid-game, and turn River into Oasis.Suburbs
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
Suburbs gives additional 1 exp, but if you have 5 Suburbs in a + form, the middle one will turn into a Town which gives 2 exp.
Note that each of the 5 are required, if you remove one after it turn into town, it will revert back.
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer

Place them in the early game to quickly access your desire skill.



I would recommend all +1 max skeleton on every gear but at least 1 gear with summon quality.
If Atk Spd < 100%, (20%+)Atk Spd > Max Skeleton > Summon Quality> Skeleton Level
If Atk Spd > 100%, Max Skeleton > Summon Quality > Skeleton Level > Atk Spd Regen
It would be nice to have at least 0.5 Regen.Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using NecromancerThe best gear is the gear that have +1 max skele, +summon quality and + skele lv
You can see that in my run, I used a lv 4 gear to the end because it has all three of those stats



(I use Skills when I first wrote the guide, so bear with me…)
Traits are very important. So it would be nice to have all the important ones before you fight the boss.
In this fight, I miss the +1 max skeleton skill despite being high level, so… good luck!Erm, there is a full guide of Necromancer that has picture and description, I will just briefly state the important ones.
The order are the importance in my opinion.
  • +0.25 skele lv per loop, always prioritize this unless you are at the last 4 loop of the final boss
  • +0.5 Magic HP/ skele summoned, great to have, even if its your last loop, you will be super tanky if you obtain this early
  • +3 HP if skele is killed, recover skill that secure your run, a great mage need to be tanky as hell!
  • +1 max skele, just good to have, save your time, faster dps
  • +3 Upgraded skele pal when you start a new loop, ONLY choose this if you upgrade your Diner to lv3, which allows you to rest before boss fight, if not this will be low tier.
  • 20% to exceed summon limit and summon an additional skele, good to have
  • +1 revive chance, serve as an insurance
  • Get a bunch of remove card, and remove card restore 10% hp, lol, I get this and I don’t have any choice
  • Other
  • +50% resource limit, really? In the last chapter which you can carry unlimited resource? I suggest devs to remove this skill on the last chapter…

These are only my opinion, feel free to leave a comment if you think something might have gone wrong!



I like to take time and plan how I will place my tiles.I will split the map into half, with half being River and Thicket, the other half will be Suburbs and Oasis.
I will want to have River to flow beside Thicket, with the more River tiles beside a Thicket will be the best.
After that I will draw some cross, just to plan out where to put the Suburbs and have the maximum amount of town.
I will leave a quarter of the map for Oasis because I don’t need it now.And the side that the river will never cross will be my gold card.The way I plan is something like this:
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
The final map is in the late game section!
Take your time and slowly plan ahead!


Early Game

Early Game (~20min)
I consider before boss 1 the Lich as early game.
This is my stats and map before the boss (Loop 7)
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
The Goal
In my opinion, you want to have
– 4+ max skeleton
– 3 skills
– 60%+ Atk SpdMy thoughts and experience
ONLY USE THE GREATER EFFECTS CARD(THICKETS AND SAND DUNES).Don’t rush and take it easy, slow and steady wins the race. You can see that I am at Loop 7 when I engage the first boss, I want to make sure that I am fully prepared before I face the boss.I have Smith’s Forge right beside my camp to provide armor, Village that ensure I am at full health, and equipment that meet my minimum requirement.

Sorry that the blue words cover the bar, but I am at a quarter pass the first boss gauge when I engage. This is because when I am at Loop 6, I was at nearly max gauge to reach the first boss, I stop and saved all my cards until I start a new loop.
This is great because you can have 1 more loop to prepare and after the loop, you can now spam all your card into the map.


Mid Game

Mid Game (~40 mins)
It’s just filling your map with more River, Thickets, Suburbs, but now try to set up your Oasis and Sand Dunes.Before Second Boss, your goal is to:
– 6 max skeleton (all gear with +1 max skele, if with skill, 7)
– 120%+ Atk SpdStill the same technique, if your are close to the boss gauge, wait for a new loop. I am quarter pass when I engage the boss (Loop 12)
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
Before Third Boss, your goal is to:
– Just continue at your pace, if you have come so far, than It will not be a problem. Just hope that the stupid dog don’t target you every time and you will be able to summon your tank skele.
– Oasis, -10% enemy Atk Spd will be niceThis is my progress, I am at half pass the gauge when I engage the third boss (Loop 15)
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer


Late Game (Final Boss)

Late Game (~20 mins) – Spoiler Alert

It’s been a long journey, well done guys!
This is my stat before the Final Boss (Loop 16)
Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
Easy to read stats:

  • Max HP 1400
  • Max Skele 6
  • Magic HP 188
  • Summon Quality 79%
  • Skele LV +13.57
  • Atk Spd +243%
  • Regen 5.0 per Second
  • Bonus Exp + 54
  • Skill Count – 7 (Forgive me, I typed traits as skill for the whole guide until now lol)
    Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer
  • -24% enemy Atk Spd
    Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer

I would say that I clear the boss pretty easy as I had done so many preparation. My hero never fall below half health but it took a long… long time… I wish I had that +1 max skele trait… (Whole run ~80mins)


General Tips

General Tips

  • Take your time at the start, notice that I am at loop 6 before the first boss, loop 12 before the second, loop 15 for the third and loop 16 for the final boss.
  • Remove Bandit Camp ASAP!!!!
  • Sometimes sacrifice a max skeleton +1 to get summon quality are worth (Don’t drop below 4)
  • Wait for a new loop when you almost hit the next boss, than take the advantage to place all your tiles
  • Watchtower is a great help, upgrade it!
  • 1 Smith is more than enough (In my opinion)
  • Dessert, Forest are junk card, don’t play them, use their upgraded version, Sand Dunes and Thicket
  • DO NOT play Vampire Mansion + Village out of the range of Watchtower unless you are in mid-late game
  • If you get 3 junk traits in the opening, you might as well as consider restart the run.

Other Heroes?

I tried to clear with Warrior and Rogue but I failed badly, if anyone of you will be kind to share how did you clear it, I will be extremely grateful as it fills my curiosity.

(Prove me wrong: I think that Rogue is near impossible to clear as I cannot get my evade pass 50%)


That’s all we are sharing today in Loop Hero How to Beat Act IV Using Necromancer, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.