Loop Hero How to Unlock Every Encyclopedia Entry

Loop Hero How to Unlock Every Encyclopedia Entry

15.03.2021 0 By Butcher79

For Loop Hero players, this guide will help you unlock all of your encyclopedia and mainly is made for the Book Worm achievement. Let’s check it out.

First and foremost

You will need a lot of books of memories (you get these by discarding cards in your hand) to get the Book Worm achievement. The exact amount will be over 123, as I did not count sections that need x3 of said item. Also make sure you have a Intel Center built, it unlocks your encyclopedia. But if you are not here for that then lets get right into the content.

Map tile YAY

For this section I will be going from top to bottom left to right, so if you are looking for specifics then counting is a thing.


1. Wasteland, this tile is unlocked when you walk in an expedition simple.
2. Cemetery, this tile is unlocked in base game without upgrades, just place it down in an expedition and it will unlock
3. Grove, this is another base game tile. Have it in your deck and place it down, this will unlock it in your encyclopedia.
4. Blood Path, this tile is place onto the map after two Battle Fields (see number 16) radius cross one another on an empty tile. Be careful, blood clots are very dangerous!
5. Village, this tile is added to your deck after you build a Gymnasium. After receiving the card place it in your deck and then place the card down onto a tile. This will unlock it.
6. Ransacked Village, this tile appears when you have a Vampire mansion (see number 15) adjacent to a village.
7. Count’s Lands, this tile is unlocked after a Ransacked Village (see number 6) has existed for 3 loops.
8. Wheat Fields, to unlock this card in your deck you need to build a farm. After the farm is build you can add this card in your deck, to place you need to have 1 of the four villages and an empty adjacent space. (see number 5,6,7,12)
9. Overgrown Field, this card is unlocked after a Wheat Fields is placed next to “A Village?”(See number 12). Empty adjacent tile is required.
10. Ruins, to unlock this card you need to build the Supply Depot. Afterwards put it in your deck and then place it down onto an empty tile.
11. SHREKS SWAMP, The swamp card is unlocked after building the Herbalists Hut. Put it in your deck and place it down onto an empty tile.
12. A Village?, This Road Tile is placed in a random empty tile on the map after you place ten Thickets or Forests (see Number 39,38) To unlock you need to first build and place Forest Tiles.
13. Bridge, to unlock this in your encyclopedia you need to build Bridge on your camps map. This will unlock the ability to build Rivers (see number 36) onto wasteland tiles (see number 1), which will then create a bridge.

14. Spider Cocoon (MMMM yummy), This is unlocked after placing a Spider Cocoon during an expedition.
15. Vampire Mansion, this is a base game tile, just put it into the abyss while on an expedition to unlock.
16. Battle Field, This card is unlocked by placing the Battle Field card down.
17. Ship Wreck, This is unlocked when Battle Field (see 16) and River (see 36) are adjacent to one another.
18. Goblin Camp, This spawns when there are 10 rocks/mountains placed, (see 29,30) it will unlock it in the encyclopedia.
19. Goblin Lookout, this can be altered or spawned, if a swamp (see 11) is adjacent to a goblin camp the camp will upgrade to a lookout. You can place a swamp next to a camp or just hope a camp spawns next to a swamp.
20. Bookery, to unlock this card you need to build a Library, then put it in your deck and palce.
21. Abandoned Bookery, this spawns after Bookery (see 20) has been used up and switched 20 cards.
22. Blood Grove, this card is unlocked after you build a Field Kitchen, put it into your deck and palce it next to a Forest, Thicket or Grove (see 3,38,39).
23. Hungry Grove, this card is unlocked when a Blood Grove does not have sustenance. Put a blood grove next to a tile with no grove, forest or thicket. Or use Oblivion to destroy the Blood groves source of sustenance.
24. Bandit Camp, Bandit camp spawns after 2 villages are placed. (see number 5)
25. Reed, this tile comes into existence when you have a river tile placed next to a any wasteland/road tile. (see 1)
26. Outpost, This card is unlocked after you place a war camp in your settlement. Put it in your deck and place it down in an exedition.
27. Smith’s Forge, to unlock you need to build a forge and upgrade it once. This will unlock the Smith’s forge card, place it down after putting it in your deck.
28. Chrono Crystals, This is unlocked after your first expedition (I think). Put it in your deck and place it down.

29. Rock, this is a starting card, have it in your deck and place it down.
30. Mountain, the alternate form of ROCKKKKKK (see 29) place it down.
31. Mountain Peak, to create put a 3 wide 3 long placement of rocks or mountains (can be either or mixed). It will be created, POG POG POG
32. Meadow, this is a starting card place that bad boy down
33. Blooming Meadow, wowowow put the meadow next to any other type of tile, (Rock,mountain, spider cocoon.) this will make it into a BLOOMING MEADOW
34. Desert, unlocks after building the Intel center, place her down
35. Dune, same as desert, just more POG.
36. River, after building River in your settlement this is unlocked as a card in your deck. Place it down.
37. Oasis, this unlocks after you place a desert or dune next to a river.
38. Forest, this card unlocks after you build a forest in your settlement, You know the drill.
39. Thicket, Pog forest? Lets fricken go bud.
40. Burned Forest, this is created after a forest/thicket (see 38,39) is placed in the range of STORM TEMPLE (see ?)
41. Suburbs, this card is unlocked after building the gymnasium in your settlement, put it in your deck.
42. Town, to make this place suburbs down, the suburbs need to but in like a 3 by 3 or something and the middle one become a town.

43. Treasury, this is a base game card I’m pretty sure. Place it
44. Empty Treasury, this is unlocked when you place 8 tiles around the treasury. (see 43 you goons)
45. Storm temple is unlocked after you place down a smelter, put it in your deck and place
46. Beacon, base game place it.
47. Temporal beacon, this cards pretty Pog but I forgot what building you need for it. just place it if you want it in the encyclopedia.
48. Lich’s palace. The Lich (boss NUMERO UNO) spawns like fricken 12 of these when he comes in. Just give him a space or two in a two block radius of your camp.


49. Arsenal is unlocked when you build the smelter in your deck, place it in your deck and place it in your expo.
50. Ancestral Crypt? More like extra life AMRITE UPTOP, build a crypt in your settlement and put the card in your deck. Boom done
51. Maze of memories (god I would hate to get stuck in a maze of all my cringe past memories. Build a fricken library deer bub, then place er down and watch as it fills ur map with gross tiles.
52. Zero Milestone, Build the alchemist’s tent in your settlement. Place it in your deck and then place it in ur expedition.

god I’m only on part one and I hate making this guide.


I’m a monster Rawr

1. Slime spawns from wasteland, kill it (see Map tile 1)
2. Rat wolf spawns from Grove (see map tile 3
3. Spide Spawns from Spider cocoon
4. Skeleton spawns from Cemetery
5. Skeleton archer spawns from cemetery (rarer)
6. Cracked skeleton spawns from dead archer or skeleton
7. Chest spawns after a loop if a battlefield is placed
8. Mimic sometimes spawns instead of a chest with battlefields
9. Blood clots spawn when 2 Battlefields radius overlap, on the blood path
10. Ghost spawns when an enemy is killed next to a battlefield.
11. Ghost of a ghost is spawned sometimes whena ghost is killed
12. Prime matter spawns extremly rarely when ghost of a ghost of a ghost of a ghost is killed. (see 10,11)
13. Vampire spawns onto the battlefield when a Vampires Mansion is near a fight.
14. Vampire mage requires of a synergy of Vampire Mansion and a Use Bookery (see Map Tiles 15,20)
15. Swarm of Bats spawn when a vampire reaches less then 50% HP, perhaps only on higher stages
16. Watcher spawns when there is a Temporal Beacon next to a fight, they will not spawn if there is a Vampires Mansion next to the fight.
17. Watcher Mage will spawn if there is an Abandoned Bookery (see Map Tile 20) and a Temporal Beacon next to a fight
18. Tome will spawn if there is an Abandoned Bookery
19. Goblin will spawn from goblin Camp
20. Goblin leader will spawn from Goblin Camp
21. Goblin Archer will spawn from Goblin Lookout
22. Ghoul will spawn after on a ransacked village (Vampire Mansion + Village)
23. Bandit will spawn from a bandit camp
24. Harpy will spawn from a mountain peak
25. Gargoyle will spawn from a broken treasury
26. Flesh Golem has a chance to Spawn if you kill an enemy near Blood/Hungry Grove
27. Living Armor will spawn after passing a Smiths Forge a few times
28. Mousquito spawns from swamp
29. Scarecrow spawns from Wheat Fields
30. Field Of Blades Spawns from a Overgrown Field
31. Scorch Worm Spawns from ruins
32. Fishmen Spawn from reeds (River next to wasteland)
33. Sirens Spawn from Shipwrecks (river next to battlefield)
34. Jellyfish has a chance to be summoned by Siren on 3rd attack
35. Wooden warrior spawns form “A Village?”
36. Dark slime spawns (rarely)
37. Lich spawns when you place down enough stuff to make him big ANGY
38. Priestess spawns when you get her panties in a bunch
39. Angel spawns on Priestess’s second attack
40. Hunter spawns after you place down enough stuff to kill his dogs
41. Hunter’s Hounds spawn next to hunter, Kill the mutts
42. Omega spawns when you have placed down enough stuff to make him an angry little boy.

Sorry for bare bones I got tired of doing (see X)


Resources, YUP

This is resources so I will only explain in detail ones that are hard to get


1. Stable wood is acquired when you walk through groves and just do cool stuffs.
2. Preserved rocks are gotten when you place rocks or mountains, among other things.
3. Stable metal is done got getten when you discard your equipment.
4. Food Supply can be easily farmed with Wheat fields and Those farm things.
5. Orb of expansion, honestly no clue how to get but I have like thousands so it shouldn’t be hard
6. Orb of Immortality is dropped by bosses.
7. Book of Memories is gotten when you discard cards
8. Metamorphosis is 177013
9. Orb of Afterlife is gotten when you kill like zombies and vamps
10. Astral orb is hard to get, here are all enemies that drop. Prime Matter, Vampire Mage, Watcher Mage, Tome, dark slime, most bosses.
11. Orbs of Crafts are gotten by defeating like chairs I guess
12. Orbs of evolution drop from plants and animals
13. Orb of unity drop from liquids and swarms.



I will list them but I will not explain how to get as they are random drops or you need to craft them.
1. Miner’s Pick
2. Skinners Knife
3. Oak Bed
4. Loaf of Bread
5. Blacksmit’s Hammer
6. Smoked Ham
7. Dinner Table
8. Rare Book
9. Farmer’s Scythe
10. Forester’s Axe
11. Garlic
12. Sturdy Tool
13. Exquisite Mirror
14. Count’s chair
15. Brass Candlestick
16. Old Frying pan
18. Silver Pendant
19. Silverware
20. Antique Shelf
21. Mixed Nuts
22. Meat Stew
23. Herbalist’s Sickle
24. Shoe Nails
25. Antique Wardrobe
26. Old Painting
27. Alchemist’s Shelf
28. Chest
29. Kitchen Knife
30. Jeweler’s Lens
That’s all we are sharing today in Loop Hero How to Unlock Every Encyclopedia Entry, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.