Mr. Prepper: Prologue 100% Achievement Guide

Mr. Prepper: Prologue 100% Achievement Guide

29.11.2020 0 By Butcher79

For Mr. Prepper: Prologue players, this is just a guide of 100% achievement for the game’s demo as it stands of 2020. Let’s check it out.


The Path of Mr. Prepper

Just start the game

If you’re reading this guide, you’ve almost certainly gotten this achievement. Requirement is that you start the game.

About 5% of all players have never started the game, so consider it a job well done.


It was obvious from the beginning

Finish the Tutorial.

Follow the directions given, however the tutorial doesn’t hold your hand too tight, letting you fail the first inspection, and giving you a loose narrative to fail.

This includes establishing *THE* escape plan, being the rocket inspiration on the board. The Minuet man sends it to you in the mail, you apply the rocket to the escape plan.


Are you a Chef or a Prepper?! Looks tasty though…

Use the stove for the first time

Treat the stove as if it were a crafting bench. It’ll open up multiple food options for you to craft.


One wolf, eight wolves, what’s the difference? (Little prepped Riding Hood)

Kill some wolves

The herbalist sends you a letter in the mail to meet her in the woods during the day, meet her.

She’s in the third stage in a bush, not well hidden, it moves and glows when you hover over it. If you’re unsure how to transit through stages, there’s a signed path with footprints that light up when selected. You walk down that, and you’ll find her when you’ve traveled to the last stage of the level.

She gives you the quest to clear the wolves near her cabin, there’s also a lever in front of her. Grab it and return to the first stage of the forest and use the lever to repair the pole. Interact with it to open the menu, and drop it in.

Before you go to the second level of the forest, I highly suggest crafting a baseball bat, it costs 5 wood and helps as it’s your only craftable weapon. On top of this, bring some food, if you’ve been harvesting berries you can make them into the smoothies. If you’ve been using the traps, you can make cooked meat, and if you’ve been growing crops, you may be able to make a fancy dish. However if you’re speedrunning, you can ignore all of this and just use the food rations stored in the rusted, defaced metal cabins you’ve seen along the path. Come well rested and expect a decent fight, you can just click a lot which will stunlock them.

As a side note, when I first tried fighting this boss the boss wolf ran away, and rendering the fight impossible, if this happens go home, deconstruct your bat, make a new one, and return. Leaving will restart the whole fight and give you the chicken status effect.

Go inside the cabin when all the wolves are dead, talk to her, and feel free to loot all the plant seeds. If you are strapped for cash I highly suggest selling her beets.


You’re really a prepper, arent you?

Finish the silo

To finish the silo you need 50 wood, 20 metal, and 10 glass.

Try not to grind down too many parts of your own furnishings for it. You can hold onto it in your inventory until the agent complains, and then put back what he noticed gone. This should include things inside containers. But this may only be a concern with duplicated items. If you grind down all but 1 green cup, the agent probably won’t complain. If you dismantle the dishcloth above the sink, the agent will notice.

When you level up your trades, you should have access to tall metal boxes, which are 2 metal for 6 dollars instead of 1 for 4 or 2 for 8. If you already unlocked the herbalist as a trade partner you have her cheaper beet seeds, and beet sales.The only crops you can seem to grow are beets, carrots, and lettuce. If you did unlock her trades, you likely have wolf pelt to sell to the huntress which can help fund the silo. If you haven’t turned your logs into furniture for the woman who buys furniture, you really should use that free wood, especially since crafting speeds up time more than waiting, despite being much slower to deconstruct than pallets.

You can break down some of your stuff to get the glass, a lot actually, but if you ran out somehow you can buy lights to turn into glass at max trade.

When you have all the materials, go to the escape plan, and put them all on the board. It’ll open up a construction option on the left and right. Pick one not obstructed. If you cannot choose one, you can go back to the board to select where you want it another time. At which you will need to construct the whole thing.


Looks nice, doesn’t it?

Upgrade a room

You can only do this after completing the silo. You will be alerted as Mr Prepper mentions it.

The upper right corner of every room has a small icon of a house on it. It lights up when you put your mouse over it. Open it up and put them in here.

You are mailed 2 room upgrades, and a book to craft more. Each room size requires 1 upgrade. So a 1 tile room requires 1 upgrade, and a 4 tile room requires 4. Putting it in gives you the achievement. By the way the book is contraband so you should hide it. At this point in the game you don’t need a 4 tile greenhouse. You cannot even grow the tree seeds in it. So it’s just to speed up growth.


It’s just a Prologue, mate! Imagine the full game…

Get to day 15

You can get this achievement last if you’re efficient about it. I was, and you can too.

Hold Ctrl to speed up time, maybe break down everything in your house and reconstruct it, then nap, then sleep as soon as you can.

There’s no point to finishing the objectives, fixing the mine elevator costs 10 metal and tells you that it’s unlocked in the full game. Giving the Minuetman the blueberry jam earns you 1 dollar because they took out the sugar crafting recipe in this version of the demo after rebranding it as a prologue, with the next objective being give him a book that cannot be gained legally.


General Tips

  • ➤When trading at all, results of all transactions appear when the mail is delivered. So if you have more to buy, or sell, go up to the mailbox, and submit the trade before the mailman delivers your mail.
  • ➤If you’re buying and selling from someone, they add in the purchase/sale to the end result, so if you just sold 3 dollars worth of goods and you bought something worth 5, you only pay 2.
  • ➤I highly suggest selling produce for money, when you can. Each seed makes more than 1 crop. But if you can’t, you can try selling trap meat, but this is inefficient because each trap requires 5 wood to craft, plus 1 bait. This will cost you about 15 dollars each trap if you’re not getting the wood and bait free, and you may not always get something you can sell for worth. You’ll get raw meat or feathers.
  • ➤You’re faster than wolves, run away and eat mid-battle because they mostly hurt your hunger not preparedness. Also once you beat the wolves you no longer need the bat.
  • ➤Establish a farm quickly and remember to harvest when the leaf is yellow, because your only income is selling furniture and parts of furniture, until you can sell crops for money. At least 1 of everything to make the food that uses all of it. Crops need water twice before harvest and you get 5 water per harvest. Doesn’t mean you are limited to only 5 crops but unless you’re absolutely on top of the faucet, the agent won’t mind you having above-average water usage. Using lights however may push you above the average. Just turn a few over-ground lights off if you need to.
  • ➤If you want him out of your house faster, do what you can not to take too much from the house. Some things are “essentials” like the round metal box, which you cannot craft or buy, but will be noticed when gone. Try to keep 1 of every item even if of another color. Including the crate outside. This’ll stop him from wanting to conduct an even more thorough search and you’ll be back to working faster. After the first visit he comes much later in the day so if you’re worried about him visiting, do something inside like managing plants, deconstructing items, or expanding then deleting bunker rooms to farm dirt, which is the most basic way to farm revenue.


That’s all we are sharing today in Mr. Prepper: Prologue 100% Achievement Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below