Murakami’s Meal-Making World Quest Walkthrough Guide & Rewards Genshin Impact

Murakami’s Meal-Making is a world quest for Genshin Impact. Guide contains how to get the quest, where to start Murakami’s Meal-Making, rewards and location!

Type World Quest
Requires AR 0
Is Part of  
Description Narukami Island’s Murakami would like to have 15 Mints.
  Prev Quest(s) Next Quest(s)

Murakami’s Meal-Making Walkthrough

Starting Location(s)

Amakane Island, Inazuma


Give fifteen Mints to Murakami

Help Needed:
I’ll bet that everyone’s stick of Tonkotsu Ramen or Mixed Yakisoba by now, eh?
It’s time for some new flavors! Like… uh, has anyone tried putting Mints in those?
No? Well, I’ll do it then. Please help me find 15 Mints, and I’ll use ’em to experiment on my new dish.
If it’s popular, you can come have a try. I’ll even give you a 50% discount!


Murakami: Greetings, we sell festival snacks here. Would you like to try some?
Are you looking for some Mint?
Murakami: Mint, yes, Mint’s what I need… With Mint, I could create whole new flavors…
Murakami: I’m guessing you accepted my commission? In which case, I’m guessing you also have 15 Mints for me…?

You guess correctly, Sir.

(Opens give item menu)
Murakami: Great, then it’s time for me to get creating some new dishes! …Oh, but first, it’s time I paid you. Almost forgot!

Not yet, actually,

Murakami: Oh, okay then. Well, just bring them here when you get them.



Inazuma Reputation EXP X40

Mora X 20.000

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