New Triumph System Coming in Beyond Light, Various Destiny 2 Seals Becoming Unobtainable

Triumph system

Make sure to complete these Seals before the release of Beyond Light makes it impossible.

Triumph system

With the release of Beyond Light much of Destiny 2’s lesser played content will be rotated out of the main game into what Bungie is calling the Destiny Content Vault. A question that has been on the minds of many members of the community is what will happen to the various Titles and Triumphs that are associated with this disappearing content?

Bungie recently revealed during the latest ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post that they will be launching a slightly altered Triumph system with Beyond Light. This altered system will allow the player to easily track their achievements over content currently in the game and also past content that has been placed into the DCV.

In this new system the player’s Triumph score will be broken in two with a ‘Career’ and ‘Active’ score. The Career score will be a total of the player’s achievements from all content in Destiny 2, both past and present.

The Active score will only comprise of Triumphs that are associated with content present within the live game. These two scores will allow the player to easily track their progress through the current live content without having to wade through different menus filled with unobtainable Triumphs.


Triumphs associated with content entering the DCV will be relabeled as ‘Legacy Triumphs’. The player will still be able to view these Legacy Triumphs to remember their past accomplishments. Seals will also be able to be viewed here and the player will still be able to equip Titles they have earned, even if it is a Legacy Title.

Since a bunch of content will be entering the DCV on November 10 many Seals and Titles will no longer be earnable. This does not mean the Titles themselves will be leaving the game, so don’t worry about losing your hard earned Title, just the ability to earn them.

Here is a quick list of Titles that will no longer be earnable in Beyond Light:

  • Shadow – Season of Opulence content
  • Reckoner – Season of the Drifter content
  • Blacksmith – Season of the Forge content
  • Wayfarer – Destination content
  • Chronicler – Lore content
  • Season 5 through Season 11 Titles

Here is a list of all the Titles that will still be earnable in Beyond Light:

  • Unbroken – Crucible content
  • Dredgen – Gambit content
  • Flawless – Trials of Osiris content
  • Conqueror – Grandmaster Nightfall content
  • Harbinger – Shadowkeep content
  • Enlightened – Garden of Salvation content
  • Cursebreaker – Dreaming City content
  • Rivensbane – Last Wish content
  • Beyond Light Title
  • Season 12 Title

It cannot be stated enough that the Titles themselves are not leaving the game. You will still be able to wear your hard earned Reckoner Title with pride, it’s just that now new players will not be able to earn this Title.

In addition to the above changes there will be various condensing and reworking of other Triumph sets. Some Triumph sets, such as the core playlists of Gambit, Crucible and Vanguard, will have the amount of Triumphs reduced in order to make it more welcoming to new players. The lifetime Account Triumph set will have its amount of Triumphs expanded along with added rewards.

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