Noita Quick Basics Guide for Beginners


For new players of Noita, this is a quick guide of all the basics of the game, if you are complete new to this game, this guide will help you out.


The Rundown

Ok some basic things you need to know are:

  • ➤You can identify materials within your vision by mousing over them. The material type appears next to your items on the UI:Noita Quick Basics Guide for Beginners
  • ➤You can empty a flask by having it selected and either holding left mouse button to spray out it’s contents, or by right clicking the flask on your item bar to drink it’s contents. (right mouse button otherwise throws the flask)
  • ➤You can then fill the flask by having it selected and submerging it in any liquid, and you can combine any mixture of liquids.
  • ➤Scrolling to the flask tells you what’s inside, and when you have it out, a flask symbol will replace the usual ‘wand mana’ symbol in the top right area of the screen, as the blue bar next to it will now show you how much is inside.Noita Quick Basics Guide for Beginners
  • ➤You generally want to have a flask of water on you at all times to get rid of toxic sludge or fire, by either using left click to shower yourself with water or by throwing the flask under you in an emergency. (Blood and slime are good alternatives)
  • ➤If you’re on fire, you can also extinguish it by submerging yourself in almost any liquid including OIL, which you specifically need to be FULLY submerged in.
  • ➤How soaked or stained you are in a liquid will show up as a percentage and icon on the right side of the screen, and the more soaked you are in a liquid like water, blood, or slime, the harder it is for you to catch on fire. If you’re soaked in a flammable liquid such as oil though, you’ll catch on fire instantly.
  • ➤You can also mouse over these icons and other status effects to get more information:Noita Quick Basics Guide for Beginners
  • ➤‘F’ allows you to kick objects, and you can aim where you kick with your mouse. This will allow you to kick objects into enemies, and move explosives where you want them or out of the way.
  • ➤Holding down will make you eat things off the ground, and you can drink liquids this way, as long as you’re not deeply submerged in it.
  • ➤There are portals at the bottom of every area that will take you to a safe zone where you can recharge your health and spells, and can freely move spells between your wands. Wand and spell stats are self explanatory but you can get into the specifics through this brilliant guide:
  • ➤If you weren’t able to find any good wands in the 1st area, you can put the basic spell from your blue starting wand into your 2nd starting wand, which usually shoots secondary spells like bombs, in order to create a faster shooting wand. Now depending on the spell, it might work well or eat through mana too quickly, so look at their stats to understand how this works. Though in general, common starting low-mana spells like Spark Bolt and Spitter Bolt work well with this secondary wand.
  • ➤The game has no time limit so you can explore as much as you want and go wherever you want.

And that’s all I can think of for now, but that should be enough to get you going. These were the same basics I knew when I 1st beat the game, with everything else coming from experience and experimentation, and that’s really what’s at the game’s core. It offers so much to explore and so much sheer stuff that it’s all begging for experimentation. I mean who knows what secret area or crazy combination you’ll find?

That’s all we are sharing today in Noita Quick Basics Guide for Beginners, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

Credit to Ryuze

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