Peaceful Days Exhibition Hall Items


For Peaceful Days players, this guide provides a list of all the items needed in the exhibition hall. You can see all of them here, let’s check it out.



I’m very forgetful so I spent some time writing down what I needed for the exhibition hall.
I figured others would enjoy it as well.To unlock the extra rooms, you have to donate a certain amount of items; 10 for the one on the right, 20 to open the one on the left.This guide isn’t finished yet as I haven’t unlocked the room on the left, but I’m working on it 🙂  

Room 1 (main)


Blue Marlin x 5
Herring x 5
Blowfish x 5
Killifish x 5
Pike x 1
Cave Carp x 1
clownfish x 5
octopus x 5
goldfish x 5
salmon x 5
sardine x 5
Yellowtail redsnapper x 5


Moonstone x 1
Tanzanite x 5
Aquamarine x 5
Hematite x 5
Malachite x 5
Cornelian x 1
Emerald x 5
Cobalt x 5
Amber x 5
Amethyst x 5
Ruby x 5
Diamond x 5


Lavander x 5
Aster x 5
Atlantic shell x 2
Snowdrops x 5
Crocus x 5
Wild Honey x 5
Porcini x 1
Coconut x 5
Apricot x 5
Shiitake x 5
Bluebell x 5
Cloudberry x 5


Tomato x 5
Sunflowers x 5
Melon x 5
Avocado x 5
Camellia x 5
Parsnip x 5
Orange x 5
Grape x 5
Cabbage x 5
Cherry x 5
Banana x 5
Turnip x 5


Best Mayo x 5
Best Cheese x 5
Best Yarn Ball x 5
Special Honey x 10
Green Elixir x 10
Miracle Fruit x 1
Hardwood x 50
Dinosaur Head x 1
Ammolite x 1

Room 2 (right)


Brown Cicada x 1
Brown Beetle x 1
Red Dragonfly x 1
Arctic Skipper x 1
Cricket x 1
Yellow Firefly x 1


Bird’s nest soup x 5
Special soup x 5
Mooncake x 5


Wine x 5
Whiskey x 5
Beer x 5


Coconut x 5
Pure Water x 5
Green Elixir x 5
Special coupon x 1
Electric Accumulator x 1
Frozen Apple x 5

Animal products

Milk (S) x 5
Milk (M) x 5
Milk (L) x 5
Wool (S) x 5
Wool (M) x 5
Wool (L) x 5

Room 3 (Left)

To be unlocked soon!That’s all we are sharing today in Peaceful Days Exhibition Hall Items, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.

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