Phasmophobia Development Plans for the Future

Phasmophobia Development Plans for the Future

09.11.2020 0 By Butcher79

Phasmophobia I was able to get information about the further plans of the developers, and all informations are listed below, let’s check it out.

New Maps

The developers are planning to add three big maps, now I will list them for you
1. Prison
2. Mansion
3. Residential building (one more)
Unfortunately, the developers did not even give the slightest hint of how these cards will look.

New items

They also talked about the items that will be added in the future.
1. Night vision goggles
Example from another game:
Phasmophobia Development Plans for the Future2. SLS camera
The developers also said that they might rename it.
A special camera that real people use to find ghosts

3. Tripod with flashlight
I think it will be convenient for those people who like to play alone



1. Add distant screams in the street (sounds pretty scary)

2. Plates and glasses can be broken (If you break it, the ghost will hear you)

3. Shadows, glare or reflections of ghosts in windows and mirrors (Depends on sanity)

4. Add the voice of a ghost at the time of the hunt

5. Random pogrda on the street

6. Ashes flying in the street (Maybe this is a hint from the developers?)

7. The ghost will be able to throw objects towards the player



1. New experience system

2. New settings

3. More interactivity from players who have died

4. Increase the chance of a ghost to go to another room

5. Ghosts will walk around the place where the player was killed

6. Various updates for people with VR

7. New ghost (unknown what)

Thanks for reading dear friend 🙂
Phasmophobia Development Plans for the Future


That’s all we are sharing today in Phasmophobia Development Plans for the Future, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.