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Phr (Tomas Wójcik) has signed a contract with, this management organization announced on 10 September. Earlier, the players played for the CS:GO team as a stand-in.

Tomas joined the team on 2 July, replacing Michael OCOLICIOUS, which moved into the reserve, and after left the organization. Earlier it was announced that, Phr is on probation. General Manager of Roman Dvoryankin commented on the conclusion of the contract.

“After leaving OKOLICIOUZ we considered several candidates, and Tomas proved to be the best way. I hope that with his arrival the team will develop the necessary chemistry that will allow the team to continue to rise in the rankings”.

Phr played in Polska Liga Sportowa S5 and Good Game League 2019, where the team took 3-4 place. At the end of August the team is in the top 30 rating according

  •   Arek Vegi Navoi 
  •   Janusz Snax Pogorzelski
  •   Michal MICHU Mueller
  •   Michal snatchie Rudskoy
  •   Tomasz  phr Wójcik

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