Port Royale 4 Manual Trade Routes – Price Guide


For Port Royale 4 players, this guide was created to make things easier if you have players who want to approach the game with higher difficulty and without the help of AI.


Info and Suggestions

In the image below you can see the best buy and sell price to optimize the profits of the (manual) trade routes.

It is quite simple to follow, in the products that a city generates just enter the quantity of products to buy (which goes according to your load capacity) and the “BUY” price you see in the list ..
As for the sale, on the other hand, you can leave the default number (500), as the more products you sell, the better it is for your trade route and enter the “SELL” selling price that you find in the list.

I make a premise .. the sale price you see in the list will guarantee you a profit of AT LEAST 20% for each single product ..
if the profit falls below the 20% threshold, the product will not be sold.

if your route struggles to sell products with this gain, you have two options:
1) review the cities within the trade route.
I generally recommend having a maximum of 7 cities on the trade route, especially early-game)
Obviously, if the care is produced in 3 cities out of 7 you must necessarily deactivate the purchase of one or two .. this depends on when the stocks are accumulating in the hold of the convoy.
The most profitable option is to drastically lower the number of products purchased in the 3 cities.

EX: cartagena, macaribo and coro produce meat … you want to buy 100 meat for a whole tour … then divide the total amount of meat by the number of cities that produce it (in this case 3) .. so ..
cartagena: 50 meat, macaribo 25 meat, coro 25 meat
in this way you will maximize profits and are more likely to buy meat at a low price.

2) the second option is to disable the purchase of meat (in this case) for two cities or a city .. example:
cartagena: 50, macaribo 50, coro deactivated
cartagena 100, macaribo deactivated, coro deactivated

I do not recommend this second option as it is very likely that the meat stocks in the two deactivated cities will have a more favorable price, as the meat will tend to accumulate over time.
P.S. this scenario is useful when there is an accumulation of resources in your city


Port Royale 4 Manual Trade Routes - Price GuideThat’s all we are sharing today in Port Royale 4 Manual Trade Routes – Price Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.

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