POSTAL 4: No Regerts – All Cheats & Console Commands


For POSTAL 4: No Regerts players who want to use console coommands, this is a list of all console commands that I could dig out. I haven’t verified functionality of all these commands but most seem to work as advertised.


Disclaimer: Using some of these commands can have pretty crazy effects on the game. I would recommend trying them out on a new game file and NOT on your main save. Otherwise you run the risk of irrecoverably damaging your save data! You have been warned.


Either open console with tilda (~) key and type them as-is, or use the chat window (T by default) and type them with a preceeding forward slash (ie. /sanic). Commands are case-insensitive

Debug Commands

These commands appear to be more useful to devs than actual players.

BabyBoom <0-7> – Spawn different NPCs
NPCDestroy – Debug Mode; LMB despawns NPC, RMB to exit mode
NPCFocus – Debug Mode; LMB makes NPC focus on Player, RMB to exit mode

BabyBoom NPC Codes:

: Bystander
1: Cop
2: Prisoner
3: Homeless (sewers)
4: Border Control
5: Hipster
6: Mariachi
7: Civvie

Cheats (A-N)

Unknown commands tagged with (???)

AlaMode/AllahMode – God Mode
Aneurysm/Seppuku – Commit suicide
BlankDude – Appears to be a spawn mode, reloading checkpoint doesn’t work (softlocks)
BootToTheHead – OP Kick Mode
BoozeHound – (???)
Braindeadbystanders – Disables AI Controllers for nearby bystander NPCs
Catastrophe – Become a 🐈 (see above; Hold Ctrl to pounce, LMB to claw)
ChasingTrends – Most NPCs become Postal Dude alikes (Battle Royale Mode?)
Confessional – Resets Enemy Aggro against Postal Dude (including Police bar)
Crackman/TheQuick – Doubles auto-firing rate (possibly among other things)
CrazyCatdude – Adds 20 cats to inventory
Fludd – Adds water hose as weapon (seemingly no ammo limit)
FreeCivvie – Free Prisoner CV-11 (Possibly an in-game event?)
GhostBystanders – All NPCs despawn (except Police and animals)
GimmeTicketMachine – Gives Ticket Machine (Tuesday Errand)
GrabAPint – (???)
GunsDontKillPeopleIDo – Change character model back to Postal Dude
IFeelFree/Phantasm – NoClipMode
ItsHighNoon – Infinite revolver bar (for RMB move)
Jumpman – Moon Jump Mode
LikeABirdy/SupaFly – Fly Mode Toggle
LockCamera – Locks the camera position
NecroBestiPhiliac – Adds 5 Dead cats, 5 dead dogs and maybe other things to inventory
NoTarget – NPCs will ignore Postal Dude’s aggression

Cheats (O-Z)

POSTAL 4: No Regerts Cheats & Console Commands Guide

PackinHeat – Adds all items to inventory
PauseCamera – Makes A-D keys function as head turning. Also adds a nauseating zoom effect
PassThroughBystanders – Supposed to disable NPC collisions against Postal Dude. Doesn’t seem to work
ProPostal – Changes 3rd person model to Civvie (who dis)
RecycleDay – Restarts the day(???)
ShowAvgFps – Likely doesn’t do anything as FPS is already displayed by default
Sonic/Sanic – Sonic Speed!
SetDay <0-1> – Changes current day (0=Mon, 1=Tue etc)
StartDay <0-1> – Starts specified day (0=Mon, 1=Tue etc)
Sudoku – Opens and steambrowser with search result for “sudoku generator”
SilentButDeadly – Add silencer to active weapon (if compatible)
Tacticoolreload – Enables sick reload animations
ToggleHUD – Toggles HUD
ToggleStamina – Toggles stamina display (not sure where this is used)
WorkThatPus*y – See above; Enables remote controlled cat grenade (hold RMB for RC Cat Grenade, LMB to detonate cat)

Teleport Markers


Same as all other commands.

Currently 15 markers are present:
SPCA – Animal Catcher
1004 – Archives Building
INeedAJob – Job Agency
PigPen – Police Dept
DoNotPassGo – Prison
Picasso – ArtMuseum
OneStarMotel – Motel Building
LittlestPetShop – PetShop
TurtlePower – Sewers
TurfWars – By Entrance of Day Prong Township
PearlyGates – Mexican Border
MiCasa – Some mansion (Should have played the game instead of datamining)
HumanCatapult – (???)
HitTheLever – Taco Truck
Blart – Mall (incomplete)

Errand Commands

These ones have their own category as I have not verified their functionality (don’t know if they can trigger in-game events or progression):

Command List

SetAllErrandsActive – Sets all errands for the day active
SetAllErrandsComplete – Sets all errands for the day complete
SetThisErrandActive <ErrandName> – Sets an errand active
SetThisErrandComplete <ErrandName> – Sets an errand complete
SetThisErrandInActive <ErrandName> – Sets an errand inactive (does this work?)
SetThisErrandIncomplete <ErrandName> – Sets an errand imcomplete

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Errand Names:




– GetMilk
– GetPus*y
– ThwartDog



That’s all we are sharing today in POSTAL 4: No Regerts Cheats & Console Commands Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

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