PUBG Analyst Showed a Map of the Final Zones in Erangel and Miramar


Alexander “Dyrem” Severinov published a heat map showing the frequency and location of the final zones in PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds. The analyst presented the results of his observations on Twitter.

Dyrem conducted research on maps Erangel and Miramar. Green means that in this zone the final circle was three or four times, orange and red — five or more times. About four thousand competitive matches on each map were used for the analysis. On Erangel generation of the final zone was uniform, with a slightly increased chance in the North of Sosnovka Military Base in the mountains near Georgopol in Pochinki. Miramar has four broad areas where the circle fits most of all — Power Grid, Junkyard, South of the Impala and the North-East Chumacera.

Some professional players are unhappy with the published results and ask PUBG developers to fix the zone motion algorithm. Nick Interrogate Raposo from Team Envy tweeted that seriously need to change the algorithm of the movement zone in Miramar and also fix it on other cards.

Alexander Dyrem of Severinov was the coach of Team Russia on PUBG Nations Cup 2019, which was held from 9 to 11 August in South Korea. The Russian team became the champion of the tournament and earned $100 thousand.


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