Ragnorium – Best Tips and Tricks


For Ragnorium players, this guide provides Few tips and tricks, mostly as a memory patch for my self really 

😀 Based on version 2020.8.51.


Room design

You can squize in all your vital production rooms in 3×3 square.
In the blacksmith room, put in carpenters table and critter crafring table, and you are golden.Ragnorium Tips and Tricks  

General tips

  • ➤Animals like the goose must be carried on the back. Attach a basket to your back, then the goose will come to you after you finished that mission.
  • ➤Furnace heat is: 7 x 7, place in the middle of a building if you want full cover.
  • ➤Let the dead animals lay on the ground instead of burying them. At level 5 you will get a butcher’s table and will be able to extract a lot of resources from the carcasses.
  • ➤Put your crates on the roof.

That’s all we are sharing today in Ragnorium Tips and Tricks, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below

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