Review of Cuisine Royale – Nordic Mysticism & Fun in the Wild West

Review of Cuisine Royale – Nordic Mysticism & Fun in the Wild West

01.02.2020 0 By Butcher79

It seems that in their spare time working on War Thunder, the gaijin comrades are fond of westerns and Scandinavian mysticism. How else to explain that they decided to act as the publisher of the free “battle Royale” Cuisine Royale, which combines these seemingly incongruous themes.

Battle Royale

Interestingly, this is not the first battle Royale in the Wild West setting. Last summer, early access to Steam released Hunt: Showdown from Crytek, which attracted players to the viscous oppressive atmosphere of the Louisiana swamps, gorgeous graphics and hybrid multiplayer, combining elements of PvP and PvE, but scared off many hardcore and high system requirements. The Darkflow Software project is a bird of a very different flight.

Cuisine Royale meets gamers with a frankly low entry threshold, democratic system requirements and, importantly, the lack of a price tag. And, of course, the classic mechanics of “battle Royale”. All players appear in different places on the outskirts of the big map and try to get weapons, armor, first aid kits and other useful items as quickly as possible. Why faster? Yes, because to be unarmed when meeting an enemy is almost guaranteed death.

And in addition to this, there is a periodically narrowing circle that deals damage to everyone who did not have time to get away from it. The goal of the game is simple and clear: the player must get to the center of the map, fight with opponents, and remain the last survivor. For fans of team play, there are appropriate modes for two and three players, but at the time of writing this material, people mostly play “classic”, where everyone speaks for himself.

Instant action

When compared with colleagues on the shop floor, Cuisine Royale is most similar to the accelerated several times Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. All timings are reduced, there are fewer players, and the maps are more compact-all this allowed the developers to reduce the match time to 10-15 minutes. At the same time, to the delight of those who are bored in PUBG, the players “cut” mainly the collection of loot and inventory management. This makes the matches in the game from Darkflow Software more dynamic and rich.

Обзор Cuisine Royale — нордическая мистика и веселье на Диком Западе

There are almost no situations when you first hang out for half an hour, and then “catch” a bullet in the head from a camper. Moreover, sniper sights in Cuisine Royale are very rare in General — the Arsenal is mainly represented by machine guns, single-shot rifles, shotguns and pistols. Despite some arcadiness, the game wants to be compared with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, and not with Fortnite and other simplified “battle royales”.

Largely due to the similar shooting mechanics and the ability to play both in the first person and in the third. But if both review modes are strictly separated in PUBG, then in Cuisine Royale all players fall into the same queue. And if you’re already prepared to die over and over again at the hands of smart guys who use a third-person camera to peek around the corner, then you can relax: in CR, each character has a pet like a butterfly or a bat. When the player comes to the corner, the animal repeats the movement of the camera and immediately reveals the cunning maneuver of its owner.

Oddities at every turn

Cuisine Royale boasts not only unusual Frontier decorations,but also several unique mechanics. Each character has a special ability. For example, the werewolf cowboy Clyde can turn into a bloodthirsty and almost invulnerable beast, the girl Annie slows down time around her, and the Viking Eric Thorson (what is he doing here at all?!), like Thor, soars into the sky, and then falls on the enemies with his hammer.

Обзор Cuisine Royale — нордическая мистика и веселье на Диком Западе

There are four characters in the game, and initially you can only use two. The rest must be purchased with in-game currency, as well as numerous items like clothing, gestures, and effects. Customization here is just crazy: there are both ordinary things from the Wild West, and modern underpants and t-shirts, Scandinavian armor, leather underpants, dozens of delusional hats and even wrestling masks. And the weirdness doesn’t end there.

On the map you can find refrigerators with valuable loot, for which there are fierce battles. Why refrigerators? No one knows. And there are also slot machines that give out random rewards-money, weapons, armor, and even “artifacts” that affect the parameters in an absolutely unpredictable way. The main thing is not to get carried away: sometimes, instead of another bonus, the machine can throw a bunch of grenades without checks.

As the account level increases, the player gets so-called mystical traps. In fact, these are activated abilities of various kinds. For example, you can curse all enemies nearby, so that they have a triple recoil from each shot. Or summon an army of zombies that will attack everyone they see. For balance, the developers have limited the use of traps to the need to pay for them with soul points.

There is only one way to get them — by killing other players. This is a very correct decision, which not only allowed us to balance completely different abilities in power, but also gave an incentive to players to actively fight with each other, and not sit out on bushes and roofs. Largely due to the mechanics of collecting souls, Cuisine Royale compares favorably with many competitors: the game is strange, but fun.

Early access? No, I haven’t heard

If the gameplay part of Cuisine Royale surprises with funny and even strange solutions, then in technical terms everything is quite standard: the graphics are above average, but not perfect. Developers use the Dagor Engine, which runs WarThunder, and the fact that the engine was originally created for the flight simulator, gives itself literally immediately. At first, the management seems to be somehow slow and unyielding.

Обзор Cuisine Royale — нордическая мистика и веселье на Диком Западе

Of course, after half an hour you get used to it, but the inability to turn off the blur in motion will “strain” for a long time. Especially on maps with snowfall, where every turn of the camera turns what is happening on the screen into a white mess. There are also small frame rate drops and barely noticeable “freezes” when using some graphics settings. Perhaps it was worth half a year to Polish the game in early access?

However, there are no critical problems in Cuisine Royale, as well as common bugs. In fact, the game only needs final finishing — the “core” itself is in order. Well, I want more music, because in the second hour, several themes that are in the Arsenal of CR, begin to get bored. They are, by the way, quite good, but the problem is that there are very few tracks. However, this is already a quibble. And it’s so clear that the game will get new updates every couple of months.

Nordic mysticism and fun in the Wild West

Cuisine Royale compares favorably with many other Royal battles. And it’s not just the strange setting, but also the hard-Packed gameplay. It is clear that the developers did not just decide to make their PUBG with a bunch of bells and whistles, but thought through each mechanic separately. And in General, they all turned out great, especially when you consider that this is an absolutely free game, where only cosmetic items and “pumping”boosters are sold for money.

Yes, the project has some drawbacks. First of all, this is not the most responsive management that you need to get used to. There are also minor problems with the optimization and operation of “bluer”, but otherwise it is a surprisingly stable and complete game. Now the main thing is that the authors do not forget to regularly update their child, arrange promotions for the community of players, and, of course, add new and new content.