Rogue Company Retail Therapy Update Adds New Skins, Cosmetics & More


The latest Rogue Company update finally adds multiple skin, cosmetic, and emote options to the in-game store for players to collect and show off.


On September 2 Hi-Rez dropped a new “Retail Therapy” update that finally updated the in-game shop with a rotating selection of Rogue and weapon skins, wingsuits, and emotes, along with a number of other changes.

Rogue Company already has some special cosmetics, but before this patch, they were only available through the various Founder’s Packs, which cost money as opposed to the majority of players who go for a free key.

As you would expect, the new skins and other goodies will require actual money to purchase, but the good news is that they will be considerably cheaper than shelling out for any of the Founder’s Pack levels.

Vy Dallas Rogue company skins
Hi-Rez Studios

Different rarities of skins will be priced differently in the shop.

On the first day following the update, new skins for Vy, Dallas, Lancer, and Scorch are all available in the shop. There’s no mention in-game or in the patch notes on how long each skin will stick around, so if one catches your eye, you might not want to wait.

There are three levels of rarity, Uncommon costing 500, Rare costing 1,200, and Legendary costing 2,000. Naturally, there are two Uncommons available at a time, with only one each of the remaining categories.

So far, it’s only been Founder’s Pack members that have gotten to show off snazzy different looks, so it will be nice to start seeing a bit more variety from match to match and give us more ways to customize our favorite Rogues.

Scorch Lancer rogue company skins
Hi-Rez Studios

Uncommon outfits provide basic recolors, while the other levels make bigger changes.

In addition to the new looks, we can also unlock weapon & wingsuit skins, and emotes. Like with the Rogue cosmetics, it’s currently unknown how quickly these items will rotate in and out of the shop, so don’t wait if you really want one.

One of the big updates from the Sept. 2 patch, besides all of the new cosmetics, was to make Extraction available full-time instead of just as an LTM. 

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