RuneScape Handy Tips and Tricks Guide


For new players of RuneScape, this guide provides a few handy tips and tricks for getting into Runescape. Let’s check it out.



1) Use /wiki (Item) to be taken straight to the official wiki.

2) When you have done quests check out Mays Quest Caravan right at the Varrock Lodestone for free goodies and quest unlocks. The Armour of Trials is also a very powerful set of armour.

3) Right click everything! Lots of things have other uses.

4) If your not an Ironman the Grand Exchange in Varrock will be your best friend to buy items.

5) You have a toolbelt to add skilling items to this can be accessed via your equipment menu on the bottom.

6) Quests can give great xp rewards to help power level some skills.

7) Runescape has a PVM hub called wars retreat, this can be accessed via deaths office north of Draynor. You can also unlock an early free teleport that quickly gets you access to a bank.

8) Lodestone teleports are free but require unlocking by touching the lodestone.

9) Unlock player owned farms in Ardougne for very good farming experience and to raise some cute animals!

10) Slayer is a great way to train combat on different monsters.

Friends chats!

There are many friends chats that help with Distractions and Diversions these come in all shapes and forms and give some great rewards.

1) “Star find” – This chat will help find falling stars which give great mining xp and some money at the end once it ‘Tubbies’ – You also gain a buff to collect double ore for a while. This has no level or quest requirements.

2) “Evil Tree FC” – This chat will help you find evil trees to cut down which give great Wood Cutting xp and some Fire Making. – These require Wood Cutting levels for different trees along with Fire making. No quest requirements.

3) World60pengs – This chat will help you find Penguins roaming around the map on World 60 these can be spied and talking to a polar bear in Ardougne Zoo named chuck you can exchange points for xp or money. – No quest requirement or skill requirements but some penguins and areas are lock behind quests.

That’s all we are sharing today in RuneScape Handy Tips and Tricks Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

Credit to Nero

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