Salt Seals the Ruin Within – Genshin Impact


Information on the barrier located at Sal Terrae in Genshin Impact.


There are a lot of quests in Genshin Impact, and on your travels around the gorgeous world of Teyvat, you might come across something that looks like a quest in every way, shape, or form, but it’s technically not – well, at the moment. One such location is Sal Terrae, which is north of Mingyun Village and south-westerly of the Dawn Winery. At this place, you’ll find a sealed barrier with a Gravestone in front it, interact with it, and it’ll say, “Salt seals the ruin within, none uninvited may enter in.” What does this mean?

Salt Seals the Ruin Within, None Uninvited May Enter in

For those of you who have located this place at Sal Terrae, worry not, as many gamers are frantically trying to solve this puzzle. People are even going on Reddit asking the Genshin Impact community if they have any information about it. Even the miHoYo forums are inquiring about the barrier.

A screenshot of the Sal Terrae area, where a hidden barrier with no quest is located

But alas, all of you’re troubles are in vain, as currently, this barrier is not accessible in version 1.0 of the game. However, it may become a quest in update 1.1, but no one is sure at this present time. What can be said is that it will definitely be added to the game in a future update. So don’t go wracking your brains in trying to solve a riddle that cannot be solved yet.

There is no way legitimately without the use of glitches and the like to enter the barrier location and acquire the spoils within. A glitch has been found which allows you to enter the barrier, and all that was there were was a few chests and some flowers, most likely because those chests haven’t been given the proper content as of yet.

If you are interested in giving this exploit a try, feel free, a video will be linked below. By the sounds of things, it takes an awfully long time to accomplish, for minimal rewards, but you’ll get the satisfaction of being able to get somewhere you shouldn’t be able to in version 1.0.

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