Sands of Salzaar Items Giving Guide


So there are people, statues, and other things that you can interact with or give items to them. Here is the list of what I have found out and what I have not. Feel free to help me complete this guide


1.Umbra Cliff:
+ A pool
Location: East of Arbor Palace
Item: Kebab

+Dead Tree
Location: West of Arbor Palace
Item: Clear Water

Location: a little bit southwest of Fleur
Item: ???

+Fire Torch
Location: Fleur
Item: You can interact with it when the 3 residents are down

+Bridge Builder
Location: southwest of Fleur(Northwest Outpost)
Item: You can give him wood to help him construct the bridge

Location: Near the Dead Tree
Item: I don’t know how to enter it

2.West Dorcana Desert:

+Stressed Blacksmith
Location: Camel Bell Bazaar
Item: Specialty Phosphate

Location: Direspring
Item: Rose

+Beggar ( start quest to unlock Tasha)
Location: Direspring
Item: Thunderer Adventure

Location: North of Direspring
Item: ??? ( I’ve read a discussion saying to give it a West Dorcana Orchid. I tried it and it didn’t work so maybe it got changed)

Item: I don’t know how to enter it

3.Zagros Mountain

Location: Limestone Villiage
Item: Level 1 Wand starting weapon of Spiritmancer

Location: south of Snowridge(North Outpost)
Item: 5 Fangs and 1 Blue Serpent Flower ( do not give 5 fangs to the Explorer at Snowridge(North Outpost) )

4.Crying Rock

+Sealed Chest

Location: Amaranth Town West Outpost
Item: ???

+Tall and Short Ifrit
Location: Amaranth Town(West Outpost)
Item: Clear Water. When you on the main quest to negotiate with Ifrit Void Master at the river west of Amaranth Town(West Outpost).
Interact with the Gardening Ifrit then the barrel to get Clear Water. Talk to the 2 tall and short ifrit 3 times to give them Clear Water

That’s all we are sharing today in Sands of Salzaar Items Giving Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

Credit to Dondo

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