Scourgebringer – All Items in Game (Health/Ammo/Fury Refill)


Scourgebringer Walkthrough and Guide : Scourgebringer Items


Health/Ammo/Fury Refill Items

Charged Pack

Gives back 1 HP and fully reloads BLAST.32

Crystal Heart <3

Increases max HP by 2

Demon Horn

Gives back 3 HP

Force Pack

Increases max ammo by 20% and max HP by 2

Heart <3

Increases max HP by 1

Instant Fury

Fully recharges the Fury

Slug Kebab

Gives back 1 HP

Strange Egg

Gives back 2 HP

Modifier Items

Banishing Mod

Devils take 200% more sword damage for 2.5s (halved on bosses)

Bouncing Mod

Bullets bounce on wall (or stop bouncing if they already were)


Increases BLAST.32 reload speed by 10%

Construct Mod

Constructs take 200% sword damage for 2.5s (halved on bosses)

Double Extra Rounds

Increases BLAST.32 damage by 10%

Energy Bar

Increases Fury recharge speed by 10%

Energy Drink

Increases Fury recharge speed by 20%

Extra Rounds

Increases max ammo by 10%

Heavy Bullets

Increases BLAST.32 damage by 10%

Infected Rounds

Increases BLAST.32 damage by 5%


Increases sword damage by 5%


Increases damage on stunned enemies by 5%


Increases BLAST.32 reload speed by 20%


Increases damages on stunned enemies by 10%


Increases sword damage by 10%

Stunning Mod

Bullets have a chance to stun enemies when they are vulnerable

Unsettling Mod

Some bullets will do 300% damage, but most will do 50%

Misc Items

Ammo Crate

Fully reloads BLAST.32


Disgusting, please make it disappear. This can only be bought from Greed for 25 blood. Purchasing this will permanently remove it from your game, unlocking the Cucumber-free achievement.

Full Map

Reveals the entire map


Prevents losing 1 HP upon getting hit

Strong Shield

Prevents losing 1 HP upon getting hit, twice



You’ll see weapons have 3 sets of stats to each one. View the image above.

  • Left most is ammo count. This is how many rounds you can fire from full ammo to empty.
  • Right is the reload speed. You reload by using melee attacks. The lower the reload speed, the more melee attacks you need to reload.

Double Minigun

  • Ammo – 18
  • Reload Charge – 9

High fire rate means you’ll go through ammo quick but you can clear a room even quicker!

Double Shotgun

  • Ammo – 3
  • Reload Charge – 1

Short range shotgun with a wide spread.

Machine Gun

  • Ammo – 12
  • Reload Charge – 6

Automatic and fast, with notable spread

Mini Nuke

  • Ammo – 1
  • Reload Charge – 1

Devastating rocket launcher, very slow to reload.

Multi Launcher

  • Ammo – 5
  • Reload Charge – 1

High throughput rocket launcher

Rapid Laser

  • Ammo – 9
  • Reload Charge – 3

Semi-automatic railgun


  • Ammo 12
  • Reload Charge – 6

Fast automatic weapon with important spread

Straight Shotgun

  • Ammo – 4
  • Reload Charge – 1

Precise shotgun with very limited spread

Stun Gun

  • Ammo – 3
  • Reload Charge – 3

Can stun if the target is vulnerable.

Surge Shotgun

  • Ammo – 3
  • Reload Charge – 1

Large spread with the ability to push back

Triple Machine Gun

  • Ammo – 10
  • Reload Charge – 5

Thrice the fun, you’ll fire at an insanely high rate of fire!

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