Shadow Man Cadeaux Guide (All Gifts)


For Shadow Man players, this is just a simple guide of all Cadeaux (All Gifts) in game, the checklist is provided below, let’s check it out.


Cadeaux Checklist


Bayou Paradise – Louisiana = 31

Deadside – Marrow Gates = 18

Paths of Shadow – Prophecy Chamber = 19

Wasteland – Temple of Life = 45

Asylum – Gateway = 36

Asylum – Cathedral of Pain = 24

Gardelle Jail – Texas = 25

Temple of Fire – Toucher = 45

Asylum – Cageways = 37

Asylum – Playpens = 36

Temple of Prophecy = Marcher = 31

Down Street Station = London = 28

Asylum – Lava Ducts = 32

Temple of Blood – Nager = 32

Asylum – Undercity = 32

Mordant Street – New York = 29

Add them up and what do you get?
Well lets see.


So if you followed this guide you should have 500. There are still 12 more cadeaux out there, I may add an extra section for the extras in time for all those who have to get EVERYTHING. And with a game this good I can’t blame you if you do.

This guide was made by [email protected]

Use this guide all you want and feel free to share it and spread it around. But least give me the credit, don’t take credit for a guide you didn’t write.

The link the original poster posted was very helpful for me, it should be helpful for you. It includes a rar with fixes, as well as maps. Altho it doesn’t have the liveside maps (besides louisiana) it has some very helpful ones of deadside. If you want I would try and get it. Make sure and give whoever the proper credit I didn’t have anything to do with this link just promoting the people who did since it was very helpful.

Well congrats and have fun, this is one of the only full guides I’ve made, cause shadowmans one of my fav platformers of all time.

Also the images used here are not mine, owns the maps, they were very helpful so feel free and give them some credit if you want.

That’s all we are sharing today in Shadow Man Cadeaux Guide (All Gifts), if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below

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