Subnautica: Below Zero – Jukebox Music Disks Location Guide


Guide to Jukebox Music Disks Locations in Subnautica: Below Zero


Divide Music – Survive

  • On a table in Alterra Base “Outpost Zero” (old start location).
  • Coords: -114.4, 15.0, 307.0 (oct 2020 build 37024)

Miracle of Sound – Deep Blue

  • On one of Mercury’s parts.
  • Coords: 479.3, -158.2, -652.0 (oct 2020 build 37024)

JT Music – Don’t Hold Your Breath

  • At the starting location of the Ice Continent (I don’t know how this biome is called).
  • Coords: -1022.4, 9.3, -390.2 (oct 2020 build 37024)


Written by kindundtraum.

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