44 Minutes in Nightmare List of All Available Items

For 44 Minutes in Nightmare players, this is guide that provides a list of the available items in game. Let’s check it out. The List Lantern: a dim, diffuse light FlashLight: a strong, direct light Ke...

Valheim Items. Full List of Food Ingredients in Valheim.

Walkthrough Menu Valheim Wiki Top Page Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners: How to Get Started List of Controls What Happens When You Die? Character Creation Guide Cooking Guide: How to Make Food Craf...


How to Duplicate Items in Valheim

For Valheim players, if you are tired of farming, this guide will explain how to dupe items with the world save and the character save, so you don’t need to farm again. World Save Method 1.1: Copying ...


Haydee 2 All Items Unlocked Cheat (Mod)

For Haydee 2 players, if you want to get all items in the game, this guide will provides a method taht helps you get all items unlocked, let’s check it out. CHEAT All items added. Added all items nece...


Peaceful Days Exhibition Hall Items

For Peaceful Days players, this guide provides a list of all the items needed in the exhibition hall. You can see all of them here, let’s check it out. Introduction Hello! I’m very forgetful so I spen...


Scourgebringer – All Items in Game (Health/Ammo/Fury Refill)

Scourgebringer Walkthrough and Guide : Scourgebringer Items Health/Ammo/Fury Refill Items Charged Pack Gives back 1 HP and fully reloads BLAST.32 Crystal Heart <3 Increases max HP by 2 De...


Ring of Pain Item Tier List Guide

For Ring of Pain players, having a good grasp on which items are worth taking and which are not, is essential and this is the primary goal of the guide. The Crux of Fate You’ve been going in circles f...


Fall Guys All Items From Season 2

Officially and randomly available in a shop near you – Does not include items from Featured Shop and Season 1. Full costume sets preview! Banners Common Butterfly Uncommon Dino Peachy Pizza Rare Hunte...

League of Legends

Mythic and Legendary Items in League of Legends: Stats, Classes, more

League of Legends is set for a massive overhaul of its item system in Preseason 2021, and Riot has revealed what to expect with the 23 Mythic and numerous Legendary items set to release in November. T...

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