Loop Hero


Loop Hero Manager Tool Guide

For Loop Hero players, this guide provides a tool for Loop Hero to plan tile placements and find efficient setups. Let’s check it out. Why? Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of questions and image posts...


Loop Hero Maximizing Attack Speed With Thickets

For Loop Hero players, if you are trying to figure out how to get the most out of your rivers and thickets but don’t want to do the math? Check out this guide. Basics Area So, let’s say you just start...


Loop Hero Necro Horde Attack Speed Build

For Loop Hero players, this guide provides a specific build for defeating chapter 4 with the necromancer in an attack speed based skeleton horde. Build Up First you must unlock the Necromancer class. ...


Loop Hero Cards & Tiles Combo Guide

For Loop Hero players, this is a guide that provides details about all the card and tile combinations in Loop Hero. Let’s check it out. Road Blood Path Combo If two Battle Fields overlap wit...


Loop Hero Comfort Build Guide

For Loop Hero players, as things can get overwhelming once you start having too many options (cards, classes, combos). So, I suggest this comfy yet powerful and fun build for the Rouge. Intro Things c...


All Enemies & Monsters in Loop Hero Guide

For Loop Hero players, this guide details all the enemies/monsters in Loop Hero and explains how to make them appear. Let’s check it out. Common enemies #1 Slime Has a 5% chance of spawning every day ...


Loop Hero Broken Geography Tips

For Loop Hero players, this guide will provides some tips on how to get the achievement “Broken Geography”, let’s check it out. The Intro Before getting into the detail, getting this achievement ...


Loop Hero Farms and Lumberjacks Guide

Loop Hero players, let’s analyse the efficiency of Farms and Lumberjacks, whether you should build them, and how quickly they pay for themselves. Introduction and Methodology I wanted to compare Farms...


Loop Hero How to Unlock Every Encyclopedia Entry

For Loop Hero players, this guide will help you unlock all of your encyclopedia and mainly is made for the Book Worm achievement. Let’s check it out. First and foremost You will need a lot of books of...

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