Phasmophobia Chart Program

For Phasmophobia players, this guide provides a chart program that helps you remember things in game easier, let’s check it out. I made this with little to no programing skills with help from friends,...


Phasmophobia Development Plans for the Future

Phasmophobia I was able to get information about the further plans of the developers, and all informations are listed below, let’s check it out. New Maps The developers are planning to add three big m...


Phasmophobia Unlimited Item Bug

For Phasmophobia players, if you are trying to copy some items in game this guide will show you how to get unlimited item, by useing a bug, let’s check it out. STEPS You need friends this won’t work w...


Phasmophobia Voice Recognition for Non-English Speakers

For Phasmophobia players, if you are non-english speaker, this guide will explain how voice recognition works for non-english speakers, let’s check it out. Phasmophobia is an amazing game that makes u...


Phasmophobia Ghost Danger Tier List

Phasmophobia players, you can have a quick glance at how dangerous the ghosts you’re dealing with are and why, and my personal recommendations for dealing with them, especially the more dangerous ones...


VR Controls for Phasmophobia Guide

For Phasmophobia players, this is a much needed help for VR controls in Phasmophobia, because the game doesn’t tell you much. Introduction Phasmophobia is a VR horror game, which can also be played wi...


Phasmophobia Edgefield Street House Map

For Phasmophobia players, this guide provides a map of Edgefield Street House, camera, keys, Oujia board and sink locations are all marked on map, let’s check it out. Edgefield Street House I made a m...


Team & Communication in Phasmophobia: Co-op Guide

For Phasmophobia players, this guide is about ideas and experience concluded after several co-op games, I have some suggestions for all, especially for beginners. Problems found in co-op include playe...


Phasmophobia Ghosts Cheat Sheet

For Phasmophobia players, this guide provides a ghosts cheat sheet that contains all the little details you need to know to identify ghosts in game.   01. Phantom  Description: Originally posted by Th...

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