Teardown Mission: The GPS Devices (All Goals Walkthrough)

For Teardown players, this walkthrough shows how I solved the mission “The GPS devices” with all optional goals within the 1 minute time limit. Preparation Here’s a few general steps to take: ➤Cut thr...


Teardown Sandbox Mode for Final Map

For Teardown players, this guide will help you to get the final map kind of as a Sandbox, so you can play freely, let’s check it out. Foreword Ignore if you didnt play it through. If you follow this T...


Teardown Mini Nuke Launcher Mod

For Teardown players, this mod unlock Teardown’s maximum blast range limit and turn the rocket launcher into a mini nuke launcher Download https://github.com/tobyxdd/TeardownMiniNuke Usage Place ...


Teardown Measurements and Other Tools For Map Makers

For Teardown Map Makers, this is just a little area for measurements and such to help built your map, let’s check it out. Introduction This guide will be updated as I gain more info and test more. “Le...


Teardown Changing Alarm Times, Detach Alarms, Multisave Guide

For Teardown players, this is a quick guide to manipulate some of the game files to change or delete time limits, make alarm boxes detachable, view mission object outlines across the whole map, save m...


Teardown Special Tips for Vehicle Makers

For Teardown players, in this guide will show you something I just found which can hardly be discovered but important while making vehicles One vehicle setup code can include many ‘body’, you only nee...


Teardown How to Steal Any Car without Triggering Alarm

For Teardown players, this guide will show you how to steal any car without triggering the alarm, let’s check it out. Steal ANY Car without Alarm! Step 1: Use your blowtorch and disconnect the tripwir...


Teardown Hollowrock Vault Guide

For Teardown players, in this guide I will demonstrate on how to enter the vault on the map “Hollowrock”. This is a vault located underneath a building by the far-left bottom-side of the map. The vaul...


How to Create Custom Maps in Teardown

For Teardown players, this is a beginners guide for custom content in Teardown, this guide will explian how to make custom maps in details, let’s check it out. Installing MagicaVoxel In order to creat...

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