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In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, the club founder will have to manage the team. Renew the contracts of players, conduct training, take care of their physical form. Treat injuries and constantly improve the squad. Learn FIFA 20 team Management!

This section contains all the information you need to help you manage your FUT 20 team more effectively

Contracts in FIFA 20

Players have signed contracts that allow them to play a certain number of meetings. For example, a member accepted to a team has a signed contract for 7 meetings. And after their conduct you will have to make a decision-to extend the contract with this player or not.

How to renew a player’s contract?

From the squad menu, go to the action menu and select Supplies. Then click on the contracts tab. Now you just need to select the contract type. And assign it to the player. For example, the image above shows a player who can play 3 more team matches. And the gold contract to extend it to 28 meetings.

What happens when a player’s contract expires?

In this case, you can sign another contract with this player for a certain number of matches. There’s no penalty here for not extending your contract for a while. There will be no situation where you lose a certain player. You just can’t play with him until you sign a contract.

It is worth remembering that there are several types of contracts in FUT 20:

  • Bronze-used to extend the contracts of bronze players. Not applicable for silver and gold players.
  • Silver-used to extend the contracts of silver and bronze players. Can be used to extend the contract of gold players. But with less power.
  • Gold-used to extend the contracts of gold players. However, it can be used to extend the contract of bronze and silver players with a very good result.

How to get contract cards?

Contracts can be found in packages purchased with virtual coins or FIFA points. You can also buy them from other players in the transfer market. Before you start buying contracts in the transfer market, first check if you have such cards at your club. These decks often contain these cards.

Mental state of FIFA 20 players

Players who have played in matches often experience the effect of fatigue. And lose stamina points. After each match it is necessary to check their condition. And, if necessary, to return players to excellent shape with the help of a fitness card. The best option is to use a squad fitness card every 2 or 3 meetings.

How to improve the fitness of players in FIFA 20?


  1. In the squad menu, select the desired player.
  2. Go to the action menu and select supplies.
  3. Click the fitness tab.
  4. Now select the appropriate fitness card and use it.
  5. If you want to use the team’s fitness card, you must enter the team menu.
  6. And go to the team action menu — there you will find the team’s fitness cards.

Injuries and treatment

In FIFA 20 injuries happen quite often. Athletes who often appear on the field are particularly prone to injury.

The list of most common injuries includes, for example:

  • knee injury
  • leg injury
  • head injury

Injury can occur when aggressively grabbing the ball. While grabbing or even while running (muscle tear). An injured player pauses for a certain number of matches. But it can also be cured.

How to cure an injury?

  1. In the squad menu, select the desired player.
  2. Go to the action menu and select supplies.
  3. Now click on the healing tab.
  4. Select the appropriate card from the list depending on the type of injury and assign it to the athlete.

Substitutions during the match

During a match, your players get tired — some faster, some slower. But it is inevitable. Pay special attention to the players who run a lot on the field. Perform sprints, participate in attacks. If one of your players gets tired, you should think about putting him back on the bench. You can easily observe the fatigue of the player thanks to the fitness panel that appears in the bottom corner of the screen.

How to make replacements?


To make changes during a match:

  1. Go to the menu by pressing the pause button
  2. Go to the commands menu
  3. Select the player you want to change
  4. Choose a replacement on the bench
  5. The change will take place during the next break in the match.

Training card FIFA 20

With the training card you can strengthen the statistics of the selected player. It is worth noting the fact that the training cards are active only for one match. If a training card has been assigned to an athlete from the bench and he does not take the field during a match, the training effect will continue until the player enters the match.

How do I assign a training card to an athlete?

  1. From the command menu, select the player you want,
  2. Go to the action menu
  3. Select consumables
  4. Click the training tab

Now it remains only to select the appropriate training card and use it for the selected athlete.

Increase player statistics

In FUT 20, you can influence player stats. Provide them with appropriate supplies. With this simple procedure, you can customize the players ‘ abilities to suit your style of play.

How do I increase my Fut 20 player stats?

  1. In the squad menu, select the desired player
  2. Go to the action menu
  3. Select consumables
  4. Now go to the chemistry tab
  5. Select the card you want to assign to the player

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