Teardown Hollowrock Vault Guide

Teardown Hollowrock Vault Guide

01.11.2020 0 By Butcher79

For Teardown players, in this guide I will demonstrate on how to enter the vault on the map “Hollowrock”. This is a vault located underneath a building by the far-left bottom-side of the map. The vault cannot be destroyed through explosives, or any other tool from my knowledge. Within this vault is gold bullion worth $2,500* once collected.


Location of the vault


The Hollowrock vault, as the name implies, is found on the map “Hollowrock”. This is the final unlockable map for sandbox currently, and the reason for that is likely due to the stack of gold bullion within the vault. Managing to break into this vault, and stealing the gold bullion could provide $2,500*. This is serious money, and can provide many upgrades for your equipment.

*Amount to be verified, forgot the amount received from collecting the gold bullion.

Location overview

Teardown Hollowrock Vault Guide


Getting inside

Step One

To get within the vault, simply locate the warning sign and boxes located towards the backside of the building. You will have to jump into the water from the back of the building. Walk up to the landmass und continue onwards until you find a cavern. Close to the entrance, you should notice a grey coloured grill above, this is our entry point. These are both demonstrated by the images below.
Teardown Hollowrock Vault GuideTeardown Hollowrock Vault Guide

Step Two

You want to use something to destroy the metal, so that the grill with flap open allowing yourself entry. Guns, explosives or the metal cutter can do this. Proceed to place wooden planks going upwards into the vent, not too steep though! Once you have done this, use these planks to walk up into the vent. Sadly, as the vent accends upwards, we’ll need to place planks either side of the vent, jumping up to each one when placed and repeating this process until reaching the top. This can be claustrophobic, and quite dark even with a flashlight. Either way, your planks should somewhat match mine as demonstrated by the images below.
Teardown Hollowrock Vault GuideTeardown Hollowrock Vault Guide

Step Three

Once reaching the top, jump and crouch moving towards another grill. This grill can be pushed open, otherwise, blow it open. And now you’re in! Go collect your prized and well-deserved gold bullion and spend it wisely! I decided to blow the interior of the vault to complete rubble using mines, and pipe bombs.
Teardown Hollowrock Vault GuideTeardown Hollowrock Vault Guide



That’s all we are sharing today in Teardown Hollowrock Vault Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.