The Dungeon Beneath Allied Units in the Game


For The Dungeon Beneath players, this is a guide of all the allied units in the game, this guide si still working in progression, will be updated soon.


Allied Units

Eloa – The last astronomer – human hero
Follow up : Give an ally in this lane +1 power. Inexhaustible

Taz’gun – Of the old moon
Begin the game with an essence distiller

Thoric of the hammer
Round end: gain +1 armor
(the only hero with 2 attack and exhaustible)

Dominique Boutroux
Follow up: Restore one health to an ally in the lane

Battle start: Summon jack (a bird that has 1 attack and 1 health)

Elder Gryx – she who swims alone
When an ally dies, attacks

Follower – no special ability, default starting unit

Hunter – human archer
Gains +2/+3/+4 power at the end of their turn if they did not attack. Inexhaustible.
Note on usage : You have to put him in the front if you want him to not attack. With enough power accumulated, he can one shot enemy heroes.

Druid – human mage
Summons two doves/ravens/wolves
Note on usage: Synergy with the mage that gives your summons extra attack.

Flame Adept – human mage
Also damages enemy in the same column

Armored knight – human fighter
Has bonus attack equal to armor
(Note: Level 3 version actually has -1 attack and +4hp compared to level 2 version)

Armorsmith – human fighter
Round end: Gives another ally in this lane +2/+4/+6 armor

Squire – human fighter
Round end: Gives another ally in this lane +1/+2/+3 power

Sage of the world – human mage
Hope – Gain +1 power

Mage of the sun – human mage
Gain double the amount of power

Battle mage – human mage
Restores health when it gains power

Cyril, master animist – human mage
Death – transform
(only found in the abyss)

Edric, fencing master – human fighter
Attacks twice, inexhaustible
(only found in the abyss)

Hypogean – beast fighter
Has +1/+2/+3(?) attack if your party isn’t full

Aguatilis – beast archer
Gains +2 (more at higher levels) power when an ally dies

Martaur – beast warrior
Death: Gives all allied beasts +1/+2 attack

Ixotle, hatchling ward – beast mage
Death: Fill your board with hatchlings
(only found in the abyss)

Haruspex – elf mage
Doom – Deal +1/+2/+4 damage to a random enemy
(Note: this is really good at clearing crowds)

Ranger – elf archer
Whenever an ally is summoned, gain +1/+2/+3(?) power

Sword Dancer – elf fighter
Has +1 attack at maximum health, inexhaustible

Cultist – elf mage
Doom – Restore +1/+2 health

Fey Adept – elf mage
Poisonous. Allied summoned units have +1/+2/+3 attack.

Void summoner – elf mage
Round end : Summon an enemy lesser/normal/greater void wisp
(greater void wisps deal +3 damage to all enemies)

Night marksman – elf archer
Doom : Gain +2 power

Berserker – Dwarf fighter
Counter – Gain +1/+2 power

Battle cleric – Dwarf mage
Follow up – Restore 1 health to all allies in this column

Enchanter – Gnome fighter
Round end: Give a random mage(or all mages at later level) +1 power

Ares, the lost knight – elemental fighter
Whenever this character gains armor, they gain +2 power instead
(note: this character gains power for each instance of armor addition, so it doesn’t matter how much armor is added if it is added only once. He is not a replacement for armored knight!)

That’s all we are sharing today in The Dungeon Beneath Allied Units in the Game, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.

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