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We have information about the biggest update of Spellbreak .30 and that’s what the developers say

Breakers, we have some exciting news for you: this is Spellbreak’s biggest, most important update ever! It’s a game-changer (pun definitely intended). We can’t possibly list everything that’s new in this email, but here’s the shortlist:

  • Classes have been completely reworked! There are now six elemental classes with four skills each. This is a HUGE change; more details below.
  • Levitation! You now levitate when you press and hold jump.
  • Duos mode returns! Grab a buddy and take on the Hollow Lands.
  • Movement improvement! Lots of adjustments to player mobility.
  • Gauntlet and Rune changes! Your magic sources got some new shine.
  • … and many, many optimizations and bug fixes!

Please join us for the play test tonight from 8-10 PM EDT (0-2 UTC) on the official Discord server. Our CEO Seth and a ton of players (new and old!) will be giving this release a workout together, chatting in voice chat, and competing in a The Hollow skin contest!

Classes Rework

There are now six distinct elemental classes: Conduit, Frostborn, Pyromancer, Stoneshaper, Tempest, and Toxicologist.

  • Each class has four skills, one starting and three additional skills.
  • These skills are in a pre-determined order and are NOT randomly granted.
  • Skills no longer have multiple levels.
  • Before a match begins, players choose a single class.
  • Players start with a common gauntlet matching their class.
  • Reaching a circle will unlock the next skill for the chosen class.


Levitation is a new base character ability replacing double jump that allows you to levitate (surprise!) when you press and hold jump. This is a significant change to the game’s movement and should help get to those high points easier, among many other things!

  • Consumes a fixed percentage of mana per second.
  • Can attack out of it or start levitating after an attack.
  • Legendary Boots of the Slayer now reduce Levitation mana cost by 25%.

Everything Else

Like we mentioned earlier, this patch contains an enormous amount of new and updated features. To help guide you through all of them, check out the patch announcement on Reddit and watch vandal’s excellent new tutorial video below. If you haven’t played in a long time, you’re going to have to relearn some things, and those resources will be a big help!

Please don’t forget to fill out the feedback form after you play and submit any bugs you find to our team. Your feedback and reports are very important to making the game better!

Let’s Party (bring your friends)!

We’re calling on everyone in the community to help bring back as many of their friends (and clanmates!) who have played before as they can so we can get the biggest lobbies possible and really give this new version of the Spellbreak experience a thorough testing. Thanks for your help!

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