The Story of Wraith — Second Movie Scene at the Apex Legends


Respawn Entertainment has released the second movie scene at the Apex Legends. The video told how Wraith got into the world of “battle Royale” and partially explained her abilities.

September 3 will start Voidwalker thematic event dedicated to the Wraith. With the beginning of the event, the developers will change the map of Kings Canyon, as well as open a temporary mode of Armed and Dangerous and add new images of heroes. The event will end on September 17, but the skins and reworked locations will remain in the game.

The developers will also launch a temporary mode Armed and Dangerous. In it, players will be able to use only sniper rifles and shotguns. Other items of equipment will come across less often than in normal matchmaking. With the start of Voidwalker, Apex Legends will have new quests and cosmetic items. This time they can be purchased directly from the store until the end of the event.

The previous event-Iron Crown-was held from 13 to 27 August. With him in the game there was a temporary single mode. The developers have also updated the map of Kings Canyon and introduced the new images, including the rarity “heirloom” for Bloodhound. Fans praised Respawn Entertainment for the quality of the skins, but complained about the system of obtaining them.

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