This Smartphone May Become Discolored. Interesting Video Posted


Users will be able to adjust the speed of this process

A well-known network informant under the nickname Ice Universe, who often shares reliable exclusive information about new products in the mobile industry, published an interesting video with a small accompanying description.

According to an insider, the smartphone manufacturer, whose name is still kept secret, is developing an interesting device from a design point of view. The back panel of this smartphone can be discolored, and users will be able to adjust the speed of this process.

The camera unit of this smartphone is sealed, so at the moment it is difficult to even guess which manufacturer is engaged in this development. You can only see that the camera block protrudes above the surface of the back panel. According to rumors, the technology is being created by Nubia, which previously released a smartphone with a second screen on the back.

A mobile phone brand is developing a mobile phone with a discoloration rear case, which can adjust the speed of discoloration. Maybe the smart phone will only have one color in the future: discoloration

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 3, 2020

Ice Universe has repeatedly been the first to provide reliable information about upcoming Samsung smartphones. He predicted the announcement of the Samsung ISOCELL GN1 image sensor, which was unveiled a few days later. In addition, Ice Universe was the person who first used the name “waterfall screens” for the strongly curved side displays of new smartphones, like the Vivo Nex 3. He also predicted the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha with a girdle screen on the market.

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