Unfortunate Spacemen Perk Tier List Updated 1.3 Version

Unfortunate Spacemen Perk Tier List Updated 1.3 Version

15.12.2020 0 By Butcher79

For Unfortunate Spacemen players, after the 1.3 update there is a dramatic shift for the usage of each ability, and I’ll explain all of them below, let’s check it out.



With the perks now split into 4 different categories each focusing on a specific aspect of changing gameplay.



Personal ranking
  • Investigator
  • Janitor
  • Doctor


  • Cultist
  • Soldier
  • Warden


  • Recruit

– +15 Max Health
– Pros

  • A little more health

– Con

  • null

– Pros

  • Health regen over time
  • Health syringe to heal others +25 HP and to cure anyone with a parasite timebomb
  • Med Kit to heal anyone 35 HP

– Cons

  • Health regen ONLY goes to 75 HP

– Pros

  • Start with fire extinguisher
  • Puts out ‘dangerous flames’ for someone on fire from a flamethrower
  • Fire extinguisher drains monster disguise energy
  • Will not trigger airlock
  • Instantly pickup debris
  • walk 25% faster when carrying ‘task items’

– Cons

  • Start with no weapon
  • Strangles crew mates and yourself when firing

I’ve always found the fire extinguisher terrible for early and middle game. It’s great for speeding up the wait when you still have a monster in the shuttle.
While no airlock trigger, instant debris pickup, and 25% walking speed are good perks they can mostly be overcome with skill and better movement of the map.


(they finally debuffed spacemilk, darn you balance!)
– Pros

  • A second chance at life
  • If you are the last spaceman you will receive ‘space madness’ which increases your movement speed

– Neutral

  • Teleport to a random location on the map which also could include primed airlocks leading to an untimely death

– Cons

  • You can not use voice or text chat, only emotion react
  • Health is set to whatever your current health was (since space milk is used out of fear you will almost always be damaged from the monster)


  • Start with an assault rifle
  • ‘Stim pack’ to temporarily increase fire rate
  • ‘Your assault rifle’ is more accurate with half the bullet spread
  • Don’t emit pain grunts
  • Stun grenades blind for half as long

– Neutral

  • See or steal keycards from others

– Cons

  • No key card
  • You can’t pickup any gear items

– Pros

  • Stun baton can ‘eletrolock inviduals’
  • Keycard is shielded when someone tries to steal it
  • You can’t be eletroblock
  • Deal 10% more damage to spacement marked as suspect

– Cons

  • Start with a stun baton instead of a pistol (because neither will be effect against a solo match against the monster)

– Pros

  • Pocket detective, extremely useful for experienced play
  • You can track monster and suspicious spaceman foot prints
  • Notified when half of spacemen are dead
  • Ability to identify fake monster decoys

– Cons

  • Inability to drop pocket detective


Overall personal ranking
1. Springy step
2. Welder
3. Oxygen filter
Explanation: Learn the timing of the oxygen and how to move around the map and fast oxygen will not be needed. From a previous guide on the welder perk, “Doors can be both a hindrance and a blessing, so repairing them is subjective.Only real good use for it as a Spacemen, is to repair cameras should a Monster destroy one, but its rare they do. Also it’s rare if a beginner knows how to use a camera properly.” Springy step gives you faster movement which is best for getting task done, whether it be early or late round.
Oxygen filter
  • Recover oxygen 2x faster
  • Immune to being strangled by fire extinguisher
  • Parasites deal only half damage
Spingy step
  • Move 15% faster
  • Jump higher
  • Repair of doors and security camera
  • Weld doors shut
  • Can see all destroyed objects on the overhead map


Overall personal ranking
1. Antibodies
2. Blast Shield
3. Magnetic boots
Explanation: Boots can be circumvented by experience. Explosions happen but are not a common occurrence. For me the ability to not be color blind and still know who’s who in a silent or semi-talkative lobby is more important.
  • Immune to effects of colorblind virus
  • If the monster eats your corpse it’s prevented from regenerating its health for a long duration of time
  • take 25% less damage from acid and no damage from toxic clouds
  • can’t be a zombified by a corpse lord
  • can’t be infected by a parasite bomb
Magnetic Boots
  • Can’t be sucked out of airlocks or blasted of E.M.E’s but will take damage from E.M.E blast
  • Footprints are invisible to the monsters thermal footprint vision
  • reduced distance when shoved
  • deal damage to the monster when you are grabbed in a burrow trap
  • take 5% less damage
Blast Shield
  • Lethal explosions that would otherwise kill you leave you at low health
  • Non-headshot damage from headshots when the blast shield is active


Overall personal ranking
1. Nimble
2. Brawny
3. Vip Keycard
Explanation: I personally never find a second keycard useful. For me, they are only good in certain scenarios. The only thing Brawny has going for it is the 25% reduction in melee damage. I personally have gotten more caught up in unseen bomb/eggs.
HOWEVER, all three of these are fine perks and are mostly down to personal play style.
Vip Keycard
  • Start with 2 keycards
  • With soldier perk you start with a keycard but no spare
  • You Can overide locked doors when you have a keycard available
  • Punch deals 1 additional damage
  • Punch a bit faster
  • Deal 2 damage to anyone you shove
  • Take 25% less damage from all forms of melee including ‘monster claws’
  • You can punch burrowed monsters to reduce their burrow energy
  • Footsteps are much quieter
  • Don’t trip acid bombs, void bombs, or parasite eggs
  • Trip-mines can not detect you at all
  • No thermal footprint
  • Investigator can not track footprints when you’re suspicious


Even more confusing with split up perks. going to be fun writing this!



Personal ranking
Still a toss up until I get more experience from them. I am currently leading toward void beast for their silent footsteps.Fresh Meat
  • Health regenerates a tiny bit faster
  • Parasite egg will have a chance to deposit a parasite timebomb inside Spacemen

Acid Monster

  • Parasite egg replaced with acid bomb
  • Splash nearby enemies with acid blood when damaged
  • Take 90% less toxic and acid damage
  • Your alternate fire throws a ball of acid that explodes into an acid puddle

Void Beast

  • Parasite egg is replaced with void bomb
  • Ability to teleport a short distance
  • Footsteps are silent in monster form
  • Every time you enter monster form nearby spacemen are electrolocked

Crumerian Host

  • Parasite egg is replaced by hatchery
  • As the hatchery levels up, more Drones can spawn from it
  • Drones might attack you

Corpse Lord

  • Parasite egg is replaced by zombification egg
  • Parasites will convert spacemen into zombies
  • Parasite can still deposit a parasite timebom
  • Corpse-eat cool down is shorter
  • Remains of body are completely hidden when you eat a body


Personal ranking
1. Lockdown
2. Claws Upon Claws
3. Noctunal

  • Increased movement speed and claw damage when a power outage is active
  • Generators take longer to come off cooldown after a power outage
  • Able to shut the power off more frequently
Claws Upon Claws
  • Increased jump height in monster form
  • Claws deal +2 damage
  • Increased damage to doors and sentry turrets
  • Ability to dodge while airborne
  • Locks all unlocked, unwelded, unbroken doors in the enitre map
  • Gained damage resistance when activated


Personal ranking
1. Chitin
2. Toxic Ink
3. Fluid Sac

Fluid Sac
  • Upon taking lethal damage all human health will go into monster health
  • Can no longer disguise as a spaceman
  • Deal 3+ additional claw damage
  • Armored shell regenerated when eating corpses
  • When armor is active monster takes 20% less damage
  • Corpse with antibodies perk will only give half armor
  • Armor can break and will not heal back
Toxic Ink
  • Every time you transform a toxic cloud will be emited
  • Toxic cloud obscures name recognition as well as vision
  • Toxic cloud will damage spacemen inside of it


Personal ranking
1. Patience
2. Membrane
3. DecoyExplanation: being able to replenish monster energy without changing takes the cake for me. Decoyd are useless. Stun grenades and other traps are useful in certain scenarios.

  • Disguise energy drains much slower
  • Using health stations completely refills your disguise energy
  • Your remote arm is almost invisible (for turning off power)
  • Vent appears unoccupied when you enter it
  • Make less noise when breaking colorblind virus
  • Your burrow energy decays 50% slower
  • Health stations do not treat you differently
  • Immune to stun grenades
  • Do not appear on thermals or map scanners
  • Not detected by tripmines while disguised
  • See the health of nearby Spacemen
  • Decoy travels forward making fake sounds and attacks
  • Decoy will trigger doors, teleporters, security cameras, and tripmines
  • Decoy will expire if it takes too much damage

Spaceman Monster

Because I just want to get this done I will add my rankings for now. Explanations might come later.



  • Cultist
  • Pock
  • Janitor


  • Warden


  • Soldier
  • Recruit


1. Welder
2. Springy Step
3. Oxygen Filter


1. Antibodies
2. Blast Shield
3. Magnetic Boots


1. Brawny
2. Nimble
3. Key card

That’s all we are sharing today in Unfortunate Spacemen Perk Tier List Updated 1.3 Version, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.