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Food is one of the types of items in Valheim. Starvation is not possible in Valheim, but food provides valuable buffs to a player’s health, stamina, and regeneration rate.

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List of Food Ingredients

The player can digest 3 different types of food at a time, and stack buffs from each food item. Food buffs have variable duration; move your crosshairs over the food to view how much health/stamina a specific food item will provide, as well as how long the effects will last. The player cannot eat more than one of the same type of food before the the previously consumed food item is digested (this is indicated by the food item blinking, visually represented in the lower left of the screen).

It is advised that you take into consideration what food you eat, as different food items provide different health and stamina buffs. You can’t “replace” what you have already eaten until the food you previously consumed has digested. As such, attempt to balance the three types of food you consume based on the activities you are performing. For example, consume food items with higher stamina buffs during exploration or resource gathering, and eat food items that give higher health and health regeneration for dungeons and boss fights.

Barley FlourBarley Wine Base: Fire ResistanceDandelion
EntrailsLox MeatNeck Tail
Raw FishRaw MeatSerpent Meat

Barley flour

Crafted using Barley in the Windmill.


  • Blood pudding
  • Bread
  • Fish wraps
  • Lox meat pie

Barley wine base: Fire resistance

Used to create Fire resistance barley wine in the Fermenter. This wine base needs to be placed in a Fermenter for 2 Days to create 6 Fire resistance barley wines. Each Fire resistance barley wine halves fire damage and halves fire duration for 10 minutes. This decreases overall fire damage taken by 75%.


  •  10 Barley
  •  10 Cloudberries


You can craft Barley wine base: Fire resistance at a Cauldron. This recipe is unlocked once all the components have been gathered and a Cauldron built.



  • The Meadows biome.
  • Picked dandelions will respawn after 240 minutes.
  • Dropped by Greydwarf Brute.


  • Crafting:
    • Mead base: Medium healing
    • Mead base: Minor healing



  • Drops from Draugr and Draugr Elite in the Swamp biome


  • Crafting:
    • Sausages

Lox meat

When placed on a Cooking station Lox meat can be turned into Cooked lox meat, or Coal if overcooked.


  • Lox drop


  • Crafting:
    • Cooked lox meat, made using the Cooking station (60 seconds)

Neck tail


Has a chance to drop from Necks.


  • A neck tail can be cooked via a Cooking station to create Grilled neck tail and will take 20 seconds to cook. Will instead produce Coal if overcooked.
  • Used in Mead base: Poison resistance.

Raw fish


  • Catch Fish with a Fishing rod using Fishing bait.


  • Crafting:
    • Cooked fish at a Cooking station, will take 25 seconds to cook.

Raw meat

The basic food source in Valheim, raw meat, can be found by killing Deer, Boar, or Wolves.

When placed on a Cooking station raw meat can be turned into Cooked meat, or Coal if overcooked.


  • Boar drop
  • Deer drop
  • Wolf drop


  • Crafting:
    • Cooked meat: made using the Cooking station (25 seconds)
    • Sausages: made using the Cauldron
    • Turnip stew: made using the Cauldron
  • Making Coal:
    • Leave on Cooking station long enough and the Cooked meat will burn into Coal

Serpent meat


Serpent Meat is a guaranteed drop from Serpents, and usually drops in quantities of 3-7.


  • Crafting:
    • Cooked serpent meat


Due to the strong effects of Serpent Meat, many players farm Serpents for their meat and scales.



Found within the Black Forest and Swamp. Thistle is most easily found at night, as the blue glow that surrounds it is more visible in the dark. Thistle can spawn in groups of 1-5. Picked Thistle will respawn after 240 minutes.


  • Crafting:
    • Blood pudding
    • Mead base: Frost resistance
    • Mead base: Poison resistance
    • Sausages



Turnip is an item found in Valheim.

A turnip grown from Turnip seeds, which can be found in the Swamp. It is not edible raw by the players and is used to make Turnip stew. Turnips may be planted with the Cultivator to create a Seed-turnip, which allows the player to farm additional Turnip Seeds.


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