Vermeer Quest – Paint Brushes and Paint in Genshin Impact


A guide on how to complete Luhau Landscape quest in Genshin Impact.


There’s a lot of unique quests in Genshin Impact; some require you to read the quest information and find certain locations at certain times of the day. Others require you to clean up stains in a winery, and some are there in theory but aren’t even quests! A very interesting quest in Genshin Impact is the Vermeer Quest, which shows off some of the best landscapes the Liyue region has to offer.

Vermeer, the quest giver, can be located south of the Luhau Pool, but the quest called Luhau Landscape, like many others, is split into two different parts.

Vermeer’s Paint Brushes

The quest begins with Vermeer wanting you to search for his paintbrushes and paint around the Luhau Pool, which is easy enough. He’ll hand you two paintings that you can use as a reference to locate the two items, but you don’t need that because we’ll tell you where the items are.

The paint is located to the west, next to a fast travel waypoint, and on the hill next to it are some grimoires, a bag, and you’ll see some bushes, behind those bushes are the paints.  The paintbrushes are to the east at some Stone Ruins, close to a fast travel waypoint. You’ll see a platform overlooking Lahua Pool with some grimoires and a bag again, and in a corner are the paintbrushes. Once both have been acquired head on back to Vermeer.

In the picture below, the two stars are the locations of the two items needed, and the circle is where Vermeer is found.

A screenshot of the Genshin Impact map showing the locations of Vermeer the quest giver and the two items he requires

Vermeer’s Strange Rock

Vermeer will then ask you to go and examine some strange rock, so go north to the pool, and you’ll see a few shimmering items that you can pick up. The item you need is random, so pick up every shimmering item you see, and eventually, you’ll get a strange rock. With this acquired, go back and see Vermeer. He’ll be confused and mention something about the eyes. Look around the location, and you’ll see two giant statues, climb up each of these statues, interact with the mysterious statues’ head, and insert the strange stone.

Once back on the ground after the mini-scene, the pedestal in the area, is unlocked, allowing you to use Geo to light it. Upon lighting it, a fight will be triggered with 3 Abyss Mages, a Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo one, so make sure you have the elements on your team to pierce the mages shields because you only have 90 seconds to kill all three.

Once the fight is over, a gate will be opened between the two statues, go inside to claim your well-deserved reward! You will get 2 Exquisite chests and 1 Luxurious chest, as well as some Cor Lapis!

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