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We Happy Few All Console Commmands

For We Happy Few players, this guide provides all console commmands most of them. At least those that make sense anyway, let’s check it out.

AdvanceDays <How Many>AdvanceDays 2.3Advances the in-game clock a day. Does affect Time-Related quests like “Misterious chest” as long as you are far enough away from the quest target (not in render distance?). Can also be a decimal like 2.3. See „SetDay“
AdvanceOneDay Same as AdvanceDays 1
AddTime <Hours> <Minutes> <Notify Observers true/false>AddTime 2 0 falseWorks similarly to AdvanceDays, just for time. What NotifyObservers does is unknown.
AdvanceToTime <hour> <Minute> <Notify Observers true/false>AdvanceToTime 15 20 trueAdvances to the Time set. If the time is before the current time, it jumps to the next day at that time. 24-hour-clock. What NotifyObservers does is unknown. See „SetDayAndTime“
AdvanceHours <Number>AdvanceHours 1Does not actually advance hours but Days, and lots of them. AdvanceHours 1 advances 24 days. Probably a bug, calls AdvanceDays n*24 instead of AdvanceDays n/24
ActivateQuest <Questname>ActivateQuest <?>Activates (adds) the given quest. Questnames are unknown tho
ActivateAllQuests Activates (adds) all quests. Seems to only add quests for the current character, but skip some pre-requisite quests.
AutoSave Autosaves
AutoLoad Loads latest save
AIIgnorePlayers AI (NPC) ignore you and your actions. It’s “ai ignore”, i not l
BuyAllSkills Get all skills. Does not actually cost skillpoints
BuySkill <Skillname>BuySkill BackstabberGet the skill. Does not actually cost unless you have the skill menu open.
BugIt [<Name>]BugItTakes a screenshot and saves it to <MyDocuments>My GamesWe Happy FewBugItWindowsNoEditor. If you give it a name, it’s placed in a subdir of that name, but it’s optional. See “shot”
BoostCarryLimit Boosts your carry limit to 999 pounds (or for some reason, slightly below)
BloodSugarLevel <level>BloodSugarLevel 0.7Only for Ollie, adjusts the blood sugar level from 0 (no sugar) to 1 (full meter). The highest value with no negative effects is 0.7, the lowest is 0.4
ChangeSize <number>ChangeSize 2.5Makes the player character larger or smaller (default size 1). Go too large and you’ll probably be stuck in place
CompleteObjective [<Objective>]CompleteObjectiveCompletes (ticks) the given objective. If no objective given, completes the currently active one. Does not seem to start followup-objectives tho.
CompleteQuest [<Questname>]CompleteQuestCompletes the given quest. If none is given, completes the current quest. Does start followup-quests
CrashMeNow Intentionally crashes the game. Or in other words, quick exit to desktop. Generates a 300kb crash log in your documents, so better use Exit
DebugShowDeathMenu Shows the Paper of your demise without actually having to be killed
DemiGod Invincible but hittable, infinite stamina. Enter again to disable. Can be combined with God
DestroyPawns Removes all humans, inclusive dead ones. New ones will eventually spawn. Better use “KillEmAll”
DrugIntensity <intensity>DrugIntensity 1.5Activates Joy-Effects without having joy. Try DrugIntensity 20 for a very cartoony world
DumpAchievementProgress Gives you the progress of the steam achievements in the full console. Does only show 0% for not-completed, not real percentage
DumpStatusEffects Lists all the currently active status effects in the full console
EndlessTour Flies you through random locations. Screensaver-mode. You have to exit the game to stop it, reloading just makes it start again after a delay.
Exit Exits the game instantly.
FailObjective <[Objective]>FailObjectiveSee CompleteObjective, just with failing
Fly No longer bound by gravity. „Walk“ to disable
FontAtlasVisualizer Opens a new window with a peculiar displays of fonts. Not sure what for
FOV <number>FOV 100Sets the degrees of field of view. Default seems to be 90. Fun values to try: 10 for sniper zoom, 170 for trippy and 270 for normal but on the head
FreezeFrame [<Seconds>]FreezeFrame 3Freezes the world after X seconds or instantly. „Pause“ to unfreeze.
GoToNowhere Teleports you somewhere outside the map above the sea
GoToLockable Teleports you to a random container and enables ghost mode. Also highlights the container
GoToFeature <Featurename>GoToFeature ChurchTeleports you to the given feature and activates ghost mode. Problem is just figuring out their names, see „ListFeature“. „Walk“ to exit ghost mode.
GoToActor <ActorName>GoToActor Telephone_Booth_C_1Teleports you to the given actor and activates ghost mode. Actornames can be seen in the debug camera, see ToggleDebugCamera. All objects count as actors. Seems to only work if the actor is currently loaded. „Walk“ to exit ghost mode
God Not hitable anymore. Still uses stamina. Enter again to disable. Can be combined with DemiGod
GiveSkillPoints <Number>GiveSkillPoints 1Selfexplanatory
Give <thing>Give RareMushroomGives you one unit of the thing. See here for list of things.
GiveN <number> <thing>Give 2 shovelGives you multiple units of the thing. See here for list of things.
Ghost Fly around and go through objects. „Walk“ to undo.
Heal Gives you full health. Also resets status effect like hunger and optimizes your blood sugar level.
InvertMouse Inverts the Y-Axis of the mouse. Up is down and down is up. Can also be set in the options
KillEmAll Kills everyone visible but you. Great if you’re overwhelmed by enemies.
ListActiveDLC Lists all DLC you have
ListFeatures <Search>ListFeatures churchLists all the features whose name contains the given text. Useful for finding features for GoToFeature
NowhereSnapShot Seems to do the same as „GoToNowhere“
NoMusic Stops the background music
ObscureMap Un-Reveals (obscures) the whole map
Pause Toggleable, pauses the game. See FreezeFrame
PlayersOnly Everyone stops dead in their tracks, walking in the same spot, just you can move around.
QuickSave Quicksave. Possibly the same as AutoSave
QuickLoad Quickload. Possibly the same as Autoload
RevealMap Reveals the full map. Opposite of „ObscureMap“
RevealMapAndQuest Reveals the full map and all findable side quests on it. Great for Chapter 2 and 3 if you don’t want to walk everywhere again
ResetSkills Resets all skills and gives you back all skill points.
SetDay <Number>SetDay 20Sets the current date to that day. See „AdvanceDays“
SetDayAndTime <day> <hour> <minute>SetDay 19 16 00Goes to the specified time on the specified day. 24 hour format. See „AdvanceToTime“
SetTime <hour> <minute> <notifyObservers true/false>SetTime 16 00 falseSets the current time, 24 hour clock. See AdvanceToTime
SetGameDifficulty <difficulty>SetGameDifficulty easySets the difficulty. Easy, normal, hard
SetCombatDifficulty/SetSuspicionDifficulty/SetSurvivalDifficulty <difficulty>SetCombatDifficulty easysets the difficulties? Untested
SetDegradation <true/false>SetDegradation falseSetting it to false makes weapons never degrade
SetJoyState <number>SetJoyState 1Sets the joy state. 0 = downer, 1 = on joy, 2 = withdrawal, 3 = overdose
SetHUDVisibility <visibility>SetHUDVisibility hidden„visible“ or „hidden“ HUD. Great for screenshots. See ShowHud for toggle
SetPermadeath <true/false>SetPermadeath truePermadeath in normal singleplayer. Boots you to the main menu after death and deletes all the save files of this character. BEWARE. Lost all my arthur progress trying this one out
shot Saves a screenshot to documents/my games/we happy few/screenshots/Windowsnoeditor
show <flagname>show AntiAliasingToggles various display flags, too many to list. The console shows you the flag as autocomplete when you type in „show “. Particularly interesting ones are TestImage, Collision, Fog, Vignette (finally get rid of that annoying vignette)
ShowCombat Draws various informations in the world when you’re in combat, like where the enemies want to run to. Interesting
ShowWorldSeed Displays the world seed in the full console, useful for recreating the world in survival mode
ShowStashMenu Displays the menu of your pneumatic stash. Store or retrieve items from everywhere
ShowRespawns Displays all the places you could respawn on the map
ShowHUD Shows or hides the HUD. Great for screenshots. See SetHUDVisibility
ShowPickups <ItemName>ShowPickups ShovelShows icons on the map where the specified item lies around. Great if „Give“ is too much cheating for you but you don’t want to search forever. Restricted in that it only shows items lying around, not in containers – and berry bushes, for example, count as containers. See here for item names
Suicide Kill yourself
Stat <statname>Stat UnitgraphShows statistics. Many adverticed in console autocomplete, most don’t seemt to do anything. Stat Unitgraph at least gives you a nice graph. Look at this graph!
ToggleThirdPerson Switches to third person view. Too bad only your arms are visible.
ToggleSpeaking <true/false>ToggleSpeaking trueSetting this to true seems to have the PC randomly react to NPCs speaking with insults (at least ollie)
ToggleDebugHUD Draws a minimap kinda thing where you see all people and where they face
ToggleDebugCamera Gives you a free flying camera that displays debug informations to what you point it towards. Including actor name for other commands
TextureAtlasVisualizer Opens a new Window with textures. Do not seem to be any of the textures used in game tho
TestCollisionDistance Not exactly sure how it works, but shows lines from your current position to all visible surfaces. Kinda pretty.
Teleport Teleports you where you’re looking. You should be able to set console commands to keys in the input.ini, so that could be used to get around quickly.
UnlockInventory Sets inventory size to maximum. See BoostCarryLimit

That’s all we are sharing today in We Happy Few All Console Commmands, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll see you soon.

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