Wolverine Fortnite: How To Get The Logan Skin Style


Players can now unlock the Logan style for the Wolverine Fortnite skin.


Wolverine is the additional Fortnite season 4 Battle Pass skin, which was available for players to unlock in week 6. Players have also been able to get their hands on other Wolverine cosmetics including a glider style, back bling, sprays, a wrap, and more.

Some players have struggled to unlock the Wolverine Fortnite skin as the challenge requires players to defeat Wolverine. There’s a Logan skin style players can unlock today, but before we get into that, we’ll quickly recap the previous Wolverine Fortnite challenges and how to complete them.


There’s no set spawn location where players can find Wolverine, but he can be found in Weeping Woods or on the outskirts of Slurpy Swamp. In order to defeat him, it’s best to look up and start shooting at him from a distance so you can deal as much damage as possible before he closes the distance and tries to deal damage.

Fortnite Defeat WolverineFortnite Defeat Wolverine

You can also build onto a nearby building and break the builds that connect to the building. Wolverine usually freezes in this scenario and players can keep shooting at him without taking any damage. 


In order to unlock Wolverine’s trophy back bling, players will need to find it. You can find it on the south side of Dirty Docks in the location marked below.

Find Wolverine's Trophy in Dirty Docks Fortnite Map Location
Find Wolverine’s Trophy in Dirty Docks Fortnite Map Location

You’ll find it on the bottom shelf in the marked location.

You can also activate Wolverine’s trophy back bling by dropping onto the sentinel without a head in the Sentinel Graveyard.

how to get unlock wolverine trophy activated style
how to get unlock wolverine trophy activated style


This is the second Wolverine Fortnite skin style players can unlock. The Logan skin style is available once players complete 60 weekly challenges. Now that the week 9 challenges are available, there’s a total of 63 weekly challenges.

Here’s what the Logan skin style looks like:

Logan Wolverine Fortnite Skin Style
Logan Wolverine Fortnite Skin Style

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