WoW Classic Players Will Be Able to Transfer Characters to a New World

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Blizzard Entertainment spoke about the conditions of transfer of characters from one server World of Warcraft Classic to another.

Transferring a character to a new server usually costs $25, so players who might want to move to a server with smaller queues will currently have to choose between a fairly high cost and running a brand new character if they want to.
Transfer the characters to a new World of pvp format will be possible and the free Feature will launch on September 4. Create a new hero on the server will be possible after a day — this restriction will allow users to save their nicknames.

There are still some nuances of character transfer, it will not be possible if your character is a guild leader, has an active auction listing or bid, or has mail. If you’re hoping to make the move, it’s worth ensuring these are not a factor beforehand, so that you can transfer immediately without having to wait through the log-in queue to make your character eligible.

The Free Character Move will only be available for certain realms, so it seems likely that if you’re on one of the most popular servers you’ll have the opportunity to move away for free, but transferring from a less-populated server will still cost the transfer fee.

The launch of World of Warcraft Classic took place on August 27. More than 1.2 million viewers watched the event on Twitch. 

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