Yae Publishing House’s Invitation World Quest Walkthrough Guide & Rewards Genshin Impact

Yae Publishing House’s Invitation is a world quest in Genshin Impact. Guide contains how to get the quest, where to start Yae Publishing House’s Invitation, rewards and location!

Type World Quest
Requires AR 0
Is Part of  
Description Aratani, an editor at the Yae Publishing House, seems to have something he’d like a little help with…
  Prev Quest(s) Next Quest(s)
Requires Ritou Escape Plan
Justice Is Its Own Reward

For this world quest you need to speak to Aratani east of the blacksmith in Inazuma.

Talk to Chang the Ninth

This is the first quest in Inazuma that requires us to head back to Liyue. For this one we need to talk to Chang the Ninth and if you’ve done your Liyue Quests then you know who this is. Aratani will also give us Zhenyu’s Gift and we’ll be giving it away.

GI Quest Marker.png Talk to Chang the Ninth

Fast travel back to Qingce Village in Liyue and talk to Chang the Ninth at the top of the hill. Talk to him a little bit to update the objective.

GI Quest Marker.png Search for Zhenyu at the Wanwen Bookhouse

Fast travel to Liyue Harbor’s northern waypoint and go up the large red staircase to find Xingqiu. Yep, our water boy. Talk to him to see that he’s actually Zhenyu. After a little talk with him, return to Inazuma City and speak to Aratani once again. After a little talk with her, the quest will come to an end. This was short and simple.


Adventure EXP x 100
Mora x 50000
Hero’s Wit x 3


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