Ziggurat 2 Character & Perk Guide

Ziggurat 2 Character & Perk Guide

01.12.2020 0 By Butcher79

For Ziggurat 2 players, this is a guide about characters & perks in game, all characters and perks are listed below, let’s check it out.


Character Basics

In the fine video game of Ziggurat 2, you will be playing a variety of characters. Each of them has a certain ups and downs, or neither. As it stands, you can pick between 3 fine fellows before you set off on your exciting escapades, so knowing is half the battle, ain’t it?

So far, all characters follow the following rules:

  • They have a certain amount of base HP and Mana, which increases by 10% at certain steps and 20% at the final step.
  • They have the following upgrade path: Health > Mana > Health > Passive > Mana > Health > Special > Mana > Health (double) > Mana (double)
  • They have a Perk that they obtain at level start that often alters their stats.
  • They have an Active Skill that can be used like an Amulet, but without charges.
  • All Characters can Dash.
  • All characZiggurat 2 Character & Perk Guideters have unlockable Passive and Special effects.

Argo, Apprentice A

Character Perk: Apprentice
No stat changes. None! Not a single one!Stat Curves
HP: 100/110/120/130/150
Wand Mana: 50/55/60/65/75
Spell: 100/110/120/130/150
Staff: 100/110/120/130/150
Alchemy: 100/110/120/130/150SkillSyphon (Cooldown: 20s) – Sucks all nearby items within about 1 room radius towards you. Useful during Boss Fights when they enter Shield Mode and dispense many goodies in sometimes awkward places. Also useful in chaotic fights, in case you missed a valuable potion!

Passive Effect]:+20% XP from Knowledge Crystals

Just a nice, balanced spellcaster. Argo offers a huge QoL improvement by vacuuming up all nearby pickups, such as mana, potions, experience, and money.

His 20% XP boost is also very cute.


Carina, Apprentice 1

Ziggurat 2 Character & Perk GuideCharacter Perk: Apprentice
No stat changes. None! Not a single one!Stat Curves
HP: 100/110/120/130/150
Wand Mana: 50/55/60/65/75
Spell: 100/110/120/130/150
Staff: 100/110/120/130/150
Alchemy: 100/110/120/130/150SkillShove (Cooldown: 20s) – Breaks nearby breakables, repels nearby foes, deals some damage.

Passive: -10% Mana Usage.

Just a nice, balanced spellcaster. If you prefer a Skill that offers gameplay benefits over Quality of Life, pick her over Argo. Her little mana efficiency boost makes her fun if you like using hungry weapons.


Glyndor, the Battlemage

Ziggurat 2 Character & Perk GuideCharacter Perk: Rogue
+20% HP from Potions
-10% Speed
-20% Mana from Crystals
-1 Mana per ~2 secondsStat Curves
HP: 120/132/144/156/180
Wand Mana: 50/55/60/65/75
Spell: 100/110/120/130/150
Staff: 100/110/120/130/150
Alchemy: 100/110/120/130/150SkillShell (Cooldown: 30s) – Become invulnerable to all damage for 5 seconds. However, any damage you WOULD have taken is dealt to your mana anyway.

Passive Effect: ???

Special Effect: ???

This man is thirsty. Thirsty for Mana. In fact, don’t bother. If you want a Wand build, this man will do you nice. If you want to use literally ANY mana based weapon, just cry yourself to sleep. The Specialist Perks concel out his constant drain.

The mana drain alone kills any draw he might have. +20% HP and a invulnerability is a WEIRD combo. So he’s tanky, and with his ability, he becomes tankier. He has poor Mana, he gets less mana, and he constantly drops it, AND his Active costs MORE MANA.

Oh, but it’s not just the drain. He gets more HP from potions. You know, the HP he won’t lose from being invulnerable about 1/6th of the time. Or more if you’re acute with using it. If you’re smart, you’ll notice that this 20% buff means that he gets relatively the same amount of HP from each potion as a 100 HP character would. Math!

What all this means if that Glyndor is constantly rushing to have mana for the next fight, while each fight takes forever. Jacob had a damage reduction, but Glyndor is the real glacial fighter. Hard to kill, but it’s just as hard for him to dish it out. Slow and steady costs you the mana you need to use your weapons.

Again, unless you want to go for a Wand-based build, or plan to go Wand-Only into a dungeon, he just has nothing. And since builds rely on mad Perk luck (if you have all perks, and you draw 2 per level up, your odds of getting a Wand perk or NOT getting a non-wand weapon perk are just abysmal)


Jacob, the Cultist

Ziggurat 2 Character & Perk GuideCharacter Perk: Cultist
-25% damage
+10% enemy drops
+20% Blessing ChancesStat Curves
HP: 100/110/120/130/150
Wand Mana: 40/44/48/52/60
Spell: 80/88/96/104/120
Staff: 80/88/96/104/120
Alchemy: 80/88/96/104/120SkillSacrifice (Cooldown: 30s) – Spend 5% max Health to boost Damage and Fire Rate, and expend no mana for about 7~8 seconds.

Passive Effect: Recover 20% max mana of each type when suing Sacrifice

He’s an oof. Kinda. His damage reduction is a big deal. That said, 5% HP isn’t that much, especially not with a few perks to aid HP recovery (like Druid, Warcry or Bloodlust). Altars are worth more with a nice 20% buff. The fact he gets 20% less mana also sucks.

Don’t bother getting too many HP increases. They just increase your HP tax to not be a wimp and recovery is key. Additionally, don’t bother with too many Mana perks. Level him enough and you start getting Mana back whenever you use Sacrifice, on top of letting you fire for free for ~7 seconds!

Jacob might eye a weak character, but if you focus on his strengths and exploit his active skill to the fullest, you’ll find that he can manage just fine.


Kira, the Rogue

Ziggurat 2 Character & Perk GuideCharacter Perk: Rogue
+5% speed
+10% enemy dropsStat Curves
HP: 80/88/96/104/120
Wand Mana: 50/55/60/65/75
Spell: 100/110/120/130/150
Staff: 100/110/120/130/150
Alchemy: 100/110/120/130/150SkillShroud (Cooldown: 30s) – Become invisible for 5 seconds. Enemies stop targeting you, sort of. Bosses seem to be unaffected. Ouch.

Passive Effect: ???

Special Effect: ???

Kira is weird. 5% speed buff? Really? I mean she’s alright. Definitely want to focus on Shroud when the going gets tough, but her perk just feels flimsy for a 20% HP reduction. Just make it 10%, looks nicer, or add some jump height to throw people off.

Anyway, Kira wants HP and Mana Shield. She’s frail and her Active Skill is defensive and has low up-time. As a result, you’ll want to move fast and get strong or get defensive. It’s your call.


Mana Perks

All Perks that bolster Mana, restore Mana, Mana shield, etc. What can your ammo do for you!

Alchemy Pouch / Spell Collector / Staff Hunter +20*PL A/B/S Mana
Not good? Like, maximums aren’t that hugely useful, and with Perk Boost already offering snippets, the true power of these Perks is limited. That said, if you have hungry weapons or prefer not to have to scavenge midfight, there are few other perks that can help.

Appraiser Gain Mana when picking up Coins
This is so weird. Coins are a rare drop and useful in their own way, so adding Mana Gain to it is a bit silly. Not a great perk.

Equalizer Gain +5% Mana from crystals; all crystal mana is split between all pools when picked up
This is good if you don’t have a certain weapon, or in general. It’s a 1/3 if a crystal is the color you want, and this alleviates that gamble.

Mana Steal Gain a little Mana when you pick up a Knowledge Gem
Fun fact, the Perks do not consistently call them Knowledge Gems (as they were in Ziggurat 1) and Experience Crystals. Anyway, this is very good, since Knowledge Gems are guaranteed drops in most fights.

Meditation All Mana pools become 10% larger
Good if you have a variety of weapons, otherwise a little much in the wrong places.

Overload Get 20% of a Mana Crystal’s Mana now, then 100% of it over the next 20 seconds
This is good if you’re near max and are about to splurge. It increases Mana gain by 20%, if you’re patient.

Sleight of Hand +20% faster weapon swapping; for 1 second after swapping the weapon consumes no mana
If you’re willing to be patient, this means effectively infinite mana. It does, however, add a lot of time to each fight as swapping isn’t instant.

Specialist A random Mana Pool is increased by 20% in size and becomes 10% more efficient
Unlike the random weaopn perks, this can affect a pool you don’t even have a weapon for. It’s really bad. Well, not bad. More… disappointing. A Gamble.

Talented Spellcaster/Staff Wielder/Alchemist – Recover PL*20 points of B/S/A Mana over 40 seconds after the beginning of combat.
Notes: Just a nice little ammo regen buff. Great for hungry weapons or if you’re playing Glyndor and need to offset his constant mana drain. One level cancels it out, the second will allow you to overcome his drain. Other characters really shouldn’t have to bother; you’ll get plenty of crystals.

Tranquility +20% Mana efficiency when at max HP
Gels weirdly with Conduit, even strangers with Shield builds. This perk is fine, but I don’t see the point. People with Low HP are the ones desperate for mana, not the Full HP kings and queens of Ziggurat 2.

Vigilant Gain 5%*PL Mana at the start of combat
Perfect for Glyndor or people with Mana issues. Always nice to have a little bit. With a few levels, you’ll get fat stacks and start every fight strong.


Mobility Perks

Better, faster, Stronger.

Haste – +5%*PL Movement
Very weak. Honestly, I can’t see the reason to take this unless you’re going for a long haul. I mean, Lightweight is 4x as effective and only costs a sliver of max HP.

Lightweight – Movement +20%, Max HP -5%
Go faster, lose a sliver of health. This is probably a good deal, if you prefer mobility or need to offset some pre-existing problems.

Sprinter – +10% Movement, can move when Frozen
Pretty nice. Like, again, why get Haste when this BETTER PERK offers double the bonus AND a perk? A perk having levels doesn’t make it better, does it?


Combat Perks

Damage and Defense, they’re all here.


Gamble Perks

These Perks have a payoff that is obscured by the Fates and the will of the gods.

Amnesia -10% Max All Mana, +2 Perk draws
It’s good. Too good. S-Rank. -10% Max Mana to all pools is a drop in the water compared to getting 2 extra perks and 3 boosts. You can get 60 Barrier, or even offset that mana drop with the Perk Boosts.

Arcane Summoning – Gain a random amulet
Unless you took an Amulet with you, the odds of you having found one in the dungeon is between 0 and 1%. If you like Amulets, go nuts. If not, you use them so little you’re never reliant on them, or you use them so much you never leave home without this.
On paper, a good perk. In practice, it’s low tier. Not trash, but too random and not immediate.

Black Market Lose a random weapon, gain 8 Shield
It will not destroy Wands, so if you only have a Wand, it’s raw profit. If you need the extra defense, it might be worth the gamble. Shield regenerates every fight, after all.

Black Orb Lose 50% current HP, gain +10% Damage and Fire Rate
Trade half HP for +21% DPS? If you can heal, or only lose a little, or are good at the game, this is pretty much a done deal. Beware, half your HP is a steep price, unless you have Shield and Barrier to soak the next few fights.

Bookworm +5% XP gain, +1 Perk Selection on level up
This increases your Perk selection from 2 to 3. This perk is extremely useful. The game has 93 Perks, some of which are levelled, so I honestly feel this should just be a default. 2 Perks has too much chance of drawing two big stinkers. Yuck!

Brute +12% Drop Rate, -10% XP
Do you have Scholar? Go nuts. If not, this is mostly useful if you want Coins, Mana or Potions. 12% is nothing to sneeze at, and what is 10% XP realllly? What is level 18 to level 20, REAAAALLY?

Cleansing Upon gaining enough XP to level up, all present enemies are Cursed; you gain 2 Barrier for each enemy affected
Enemies resistant to Curse do not become Cursed nad therefor a room of Curse Resistance enemies awards NOTHING. That aside, it’s not bad, especially if you don’t mind hording a few hundred weenies to get a big pay out.

Dark Forge Gain a weapon; all weapons of that type do +20% damage, all other weapons do -10% damage
A dark bargain indeed. If you get lucky, you’ll get a real killer. This will never give you a Wand, so if you have no weapons it’s a great way to get an early start.

Energized -20% Max HP, +35% of lost Max as Shields
So if you have 100, you lose 20 Max and gain about 7 Shield. I honestly have no idea how good this is.

Golden Weapon One weapon gains +10% Fire Rate and Damage
You immediately Swap to the effected weapon, so you know which it is. This is great. I should point out these two 10% boosts multiple together, increasing the weapon’s DPS by 21%. A good pick, but kinda stinks if it lands on your Wand.

Good Omens Regain 50% Max HP and 100% missing Mana when you pick up the Guardian Seal Boss Key
This sounds great, but unless you keep taking hit after hit, use too much mana, are playing Glyndor or just want insurance… eh. A reliable +50% HP and +100% mana is nice…

Heretic / Inner Wisdom / Transmutation Gain a new Staff / Spell / Alchemy weapon. If you already had one, the new weapon has +10% damage
This is great if you don’t have a weapon yet, and even better if your current weapon STINKS!

Oracle Gain a Shrine Blessing
I mean, they’re not bad, but I think some of them are crappy like “your wand is good for 1 fight” soooo. Ye. I mean, it can’t HURT you, like some Perks.

Scholar Gain +25%*PL Experience from Knowledge Gems
Got levels to go? Must pick. Getting an extra level every 4 or so levels is never bad. Extra healing, extra mana, extra perks, extra Perk Boosts! All yummy. If you can get more, it ramps up nicely.

Solstice10% Enemies, +20% Blessing Luck
Nice if you like Shrines and hate fighting too much. I don’t know if it reduces XP payout or if the remaining enemies give more XP to compensate, so it’s your call how useful this really is.

Surprise! Immediately gain another Perk.
Why is this a Perk at all? I don’t know. I don’t think you get the Perk Boost for the second perk either, so it’s really just “Pick a perk you don’t know what it is”. Wow. Terrible!

White Orb – Lose all mana. Gain Max HP equal to 10% mana lost.
If you have 100 mana in each block for a total of 300, this is about 30 HP. If you just finished a fight with crystals abound, it might be worth it, but if you’re reliant on that mana, think twice.


Drop Perks

A bunch of perks alter what item pickups do. So there.


Defensive Perks

Life Awareness – +10*PL Max HP
Yea, it’s not a %, which makes it extra powerful for weaker characters. Not a bad perk.Stoneskin – +5% Damage Resistance
The real power of Stoneskin is to make Shield and Barriers last longer, especially if you have Perks that benefit from having full HP!Warcry – Recover 5%*PL max HP at the start of battle
Starting a fight with more, if not Max HP if a really strong benefit. Considering how many fights you get into, this can easily rack up a lot of extra HP and perk uptime.

That’s all we are sharing today in Ziggurat 2 Character & Perk Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.