BitLife – How to Get a Unicorn

BitLife – How to Get a Unicorn

18.09.2020 0 By Butcher79

Encountering a mythological beast is a lot harder than you would imagine!


If you are on the quest of completing achievements in BitLife, then you have no doubt run into one that requires you to find a unicorn. Well, this is going to be pretty difficult to accomplish, so be prepared to run through a whole lot of lives and wear out your thumb, because the answer to your question is likely going to be disappointing!

How to find a Unicorn

To get a Unicorn in BitLife, you will literally just have to age up and encounter one at random. There is seemingly no way to influence this and you just need to be lucky enough to run into one. Each time you age up, you get a chance to encounter an animal of some sort. This doesn’t always happen, but it normally occurs a couple of time in a life.

When you finally encounter one, you will be prompted with four different options: Run for my life, Retreat slowly, Take it to the shelter, and Keep it as a pet. You will want to make it your pet, because these are loyal animals that live along time! How long do they live? Well, I’ve seen reports of them making it all the way to 240+ years old! That means they can last for at least a couple of generations of your family if you wanted.

There’s not much else to be done with a Unicorn in BitLife. It’s just a random encounter you are going to hope happens to you. The only way to really attempt to find one is to just run through as many lives as you can as quickly as you can. Keep aging up and hope it happens!