CEO CR4ZY Spoke About the Transfer Cost of Players in CS: GO

CEO CR4ZY Spoke About the Transfer Cost of Players in CS: GO

03.09.2019 0 By Butcher79

The transfer cost of star players in CS: GO can reach a million dollars, said CEO of CR4ZY Antonio Meitz. According to him, less well-known but promising players will cost interested clubs from €50 thousand to €250 thousand.

"The cost of players is determined by the one who pays. This is always a very difficult question. Perhaps, for some huNter - will cost five million euros, because the player perfect the team and she's ready to sign it. I have heard a lot of information about the transfer cost of players. Now the price of contracts is not the most famous, but promising players is from €50 thousand to €250 thousand depending on their popularity in social networks, the cost of the transfer can grow. Stars cost from €300 thousand and up to a million euros. <...> We received offers from different clubs about buying huNter - he gave from €75 thousand to €250 thousand, We believe these prices are ridiculous."
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Antonio Meitz

Meitz also said that Valve and ESL are in talks to create a franchise League for CS:GO:

This system is used in some other eSports disciplines — for example, in League of Legends and Overwatch. According to rumors, the slot in the League shooter from Blizzard was worth $25 million.

If a team purchases a slot in a franchise League, it retains a spot in it until the contract expires, regardless of the results. The organizers also pay the participants a part of the profit from the tournament.

In 2018, SEA Cloud 9 Jack Etienne asked Valve to introduce a franchise system in CS: GO. In his opinion, it will facilitate the process of planning competitions for all tournament operators.

CR4ZY — German club, previously called Valiance. The team earned a slot at StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 and reached the new Legends stage. There, the team played 2-3 and did not make the playoffs.