CoD Mobile Season 12 Patch Notes: New Night Maps, Battle Pass & Modes

CoD Mobile Season 12 Patch Notes: New Night Maps, Battle Pass & Modes

11.11.2020 0 By Butcher79

Activision has announced the Season 12 patch notes for Call of Duty: Mobile, which is titled Going Dark, and it’s bringing along with it night maps, a slew of new weapons, and the Modern Warfare map Hackney Yard. Here’s everything you need to know.


Season 12 of Call of Duty: Mobile, titled Going Dark, is arriving very soon and Activison has announced every little thing that’s going to be included with the new update, including the new map, it’s weapons, skins, and more.

There’s a lot to dive into but it’s shaping up to be one of the most content-filled seasons for the game. Here’s what you need to know: 

Season 12 ‘Going Dark’ Battle Pass

Going Dark is set to bring a new SMG and a new version of Captain Price to CoD Mobile.

Like every other season of CoD: Mobile, Going Dark features a brand-new, 50-tier battle pass that includes a ton of new content, both free and premium.

The main skin for this new season is Captain Price, clearly based on his look from Modern Warfare (2019). In terms of weapons, players will be able to unlock the Ballistic Shield Operator Skill and the AGR 556 submachine gun, which are unlocked at Tier 14 and 21 respectively. New Black Gold variants for multiple weapons will also be available.

Night maps and modes

Hackney Yard CoD MobileA look at the night version of the new Hackney Yard map in CoD: Mobile Season 12.

Starting with Going Dark, CoD Mobile will include a Night Mode, which, of course, means Night-variants of maps. Currently, three maps will have night variants: Summit, Crash, and Hackney Yard.

According to Activision, this mode is directly inspired by the one seen in 2019’s Modern Warfare and features similar gameplay mechanics: players use night-vision goggles and laser sights to find and take-out their enemies.

New Multiplayer Map

Modern Warfare’s Hackney Yard is getting added to the game after it was teased a few days back.

Modern Warfare’s Hackney Yard is the newest map in Call of Duty: Mobile. Based on the images released, the layout seems to be identical to its 2019 counterpart, with the graphics slightly lowered to be better optimized for mobile.

The map has a classic three-lane layout, meaning longtime CoD fans will feel right at home. It also has some decent verticality options, allowing players to get up high in order to outsmart their opponents.

As previously mentioned, players will also be able to jump into the map in the new Night Mode, similar to how they could in Modern Warfare.

Attack of the Undead returns to Multiplayer

In addition to the new Night Mode, the fan-favorite Attack of the Undead is returning to the game. This mode is essentially CoD Mobile’s version of Infected from the base games.

This time around, however, the mode will be included in the Night playlist. In this version, the infected will no longer have a glow to them, allowing them to blend in with the surroundings and trick players.

Going Dark will see the return of the Attack of the Undead mode, now as a part of the Night playlist.

New events

A new Knights Divided Event will occur during Going Dark. According to Activision, this new event will be a classic “red vs. blue” style. 

“Choose a side and crush the opposition in a race to conquer new territory and earn rewards in the process. Earn and equip a special weapon set for a bonus modifier to further boost your efforts, with special rewards in store for the winning teams and the top contributors for either side.”

More content coming later in the season

Even more content will be coming later in the season, the most notable of which is the .50 GS pistol. Returning from Modern Warfare (2019), this weapon is essentially the Desert Eagle from previous CoD games. If it’s anything like those versions, and it more than likely will, it’s going to be one powerful pistol.

In addition, a new perk called Launcher Plus, which gives players an extra piece of Launcher ammo, and a new BR class called Refitter will be added later in the season. Details weren’t given about the new class and no dates have been given for either piece of content.

First Legendary skin and fresh deals

Going Dark will also introduce the first Legendary operator for the game in the form of Nikto, also making a return from Modern Warfare.

With Going Dark, fans will be able to get their hands on a Legendary operator, Nikto. Fans might recognize them from Modern Warfare (2019). No release date has been given for Nikto, however, Activision confirmed they’ll be coming later in the season, as well.

Finally, the developers also confirmed that a number of deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday would be coming to the game’s crates and bundles but failed to give any other details about them.

All in all, this content-packed season is sure to keep Mobile players entertained for a very long time. Season 12 ‘Going Dark’ is set to release on November 12, 2020.