Disintegration Achievement Guide

Disintegration Achievement Guide

29.11.2020 0 By Butcher79

For Disintegration players, this is an achievement guide that will help you unlock every achievement in game, let’s check it out.



Step 1: Beat the Campaign on Recruit (or above) collecting all salvage containers and as many challenges as possible.
Recruit is the second difficulty and the one I recommend you play. Playing on higher difficulties makes missions 3 and 4 fairly difficult (though missions 5 onwards are much easier).
Talk to all your crew members before starting every mission. They will give you challenges for the upcoming mission. I’m not sure if you can go back for them if you forget to talk to them. Try to do as many of these as possible, but they can be done later vis mission select.
I also recommend opening all the salvage containers along the way as they will provide scraps (needed for levelling up and opening upgrades) and upgrade chips (needed to buy upgrades). There’s a guide with all their locations here[video-game-guide-walkthrough.supersoluce.com]. There’s one mistake in Mission 8, see “Keen Explorer” for more information.

Step 2: Clean up remaining salvage containers and challenges.
Use mission select and collect any salvage containers and challenges you missed in step 1. You can play everything on the Story difficulty, which makes the game really easy. The enemies barely target you.

Step 3: Clean up remaining achievements.
You’ll need to complete any mission on Outlaw difficulty. I recommend the first mission. Even with an upgraded crew, your squadmates will die easily and the enemies are bullet sponges. Take it slowly sniping enemies from afar.
Finally, you may need to grind salvage to reach level 10 and buy all th crew upgrades. Personally, I didn’t need to grind anything as I reached level 10 upon finishing Mission 1 on Outlaw. I guess Mission 2 would be a good choice to grind as that missions revolves around collecting salvage.



Disintegration Achievement Guide
Job’s Done
Complete all other Achievement requirements.

As the description says, this achievement will unlock upon completing the other 28 achievements.

Campaign Completion

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Defend The Dam
Complete the Mountain chapter of the campaign.

Complete missions 1 to 4.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Defeat Black Shuck
Complete the Urban chapter of the campaign.

Complete missions 5 to 7.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Make Meg Fly
Complete the Desert chapter of the campaign.

Complete missions 8 to 9.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Defeat The Iron Cloud
Complete the Iceland chapter of the campaign.

Complete missions 10 to 12.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Complete all campaign missions on Recruit difficulty or higher.

Complete all 12 missions on Recruit difficulty or higher. Recruit is the second difficulty. The difficulty can be changed anytime in between missions from the mission control panel. The mission select screen also shows the highest difficulty you’ve completed the mission on.


Disintegration Achievement Guide
Side Quest
Complete an optional campaign objective.

See Completionist.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
The Mountaineer
Complete all of the Mountain campaign chapter challenges.

See Completionist.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Close Quarters Combat
Complete all of the Urban campaign chapter challenges.

See Completionist.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Lone Wanderer
Complete all of the Desert campaign chapter challenges.

See Completionist.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
A Freezing Feeling
Complete all of the Iceland campaign chapter challenges.

See Completionist.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Complete all campaign challenges.

Before starting every mission, you will be in a safe area where you can talk to your squadmates and sentry bots. Three of them will give you an optional challenge for the upcoming mission. Remember to talk to everyone before starting the mission. I’m not sure if you can go back to unlock the challenges if you forget to talk to everyone.
As for the challenges themselves, they’re relatively simple and most can be completed on the first playthrough. Most involve using your squad’s unique ability to defeat enemies. See the “Specific Challenges” section for some extra help.
Failing a challenges means the mission will have to be replayed from the start, resetting a checkpoint won’t un-fail it. I recommend leaving all failed missions to cleanup at the end since by then you’ll have an upgraded crew to breeze through enemies. Challenges can be completed on any difficulty.


Disintegration Achievement Guide
Keen Explorer
Find all bonus salvage containers in the campaign.

Most missions have salvage containers that show up as green when using your scanner. The ones specifically for this achievement are the ones marked “High Value Caches” which you’ll need to direct one of your squadmates to open. The mission select screen says how many bonus salvage containers you’ve found in that mission.
They only save after completing mission, so if you miss one you’ll need to replay the mission through to the end. Opened High Value Caches stay opened on replays, so it’s easy know if you’ve collected one yet.
Mission 1 has 4 containers, mission 2 has 6, and missions 3-11 have 20 each.

A full image guide for all the salvage containers is available here.[video-game-guide-walkthrough.supersoluce.com]
There’s a mistake in Mission 8: Bring The Heat in the guide. The 7th container doesn’t count. The correct one is below:

Disintegration Achievement Guide
It’s located between the 17th and 18th containers in the guide.

More Achievements


Note: The first four achievements in this list used to be multiplayer achievements that had their requirements changed after it shut down. If you did the multiplayer achievements, you won’t need to do them.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Battle Tested
Defeat an enemy Gravcycle.

Unmissable. This is a regular enemy that first shows up in mission 5 and fairly frequently in the later missions. There’s even a challenge for destroying one on mission 5.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Tough Stuff
Defeat an enemy Thunderhead.

Unmissable. First makes an appearance in mission 6, and then shows up infrequently for the rest of the game. These are large droids that walk on four legs, and the only enemy in the game that requires some slight strategy to defeat.
To destroy it, drain its lifebar to expose its vulnerable spots on either side (which glow red) and shoot at those before it recovers. There are two nodes on either side and all four need to be destroyed before it goes down. It doesn’t stay vulnerable for long though, so you’ll need to drain its lifebar multiple times before you can destroy all the nodes.
An easy way to defeat these is to just hide behind a corner where it can’t shoot you with its rockets and you are able to target one of its legs. Shoot the leg until its vulnerable, fly up and shoot the nodes, then hide back in the corner when it recovers. Keep your squad in the corner the entire time so they don’t get in the way.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Wrecking Crew
Deal 20,000 damage in a mission.

I’m not actually sure how much 20,000 damage is, as there’s no indicator as to how much HP enemies have. I managed to unlock this early on in the first mission on another account. I’m not even sure if I actually dealt 20,000 damage or if the counter is just broken.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Busy Nanites
Repair 10,000 damage in a mission.

Again, I’m not actually sure how much 10,000 damage is since there’s no way of knowing how much HP you have. It unlocked pretty easily for me on another account. If you still need it after everything play Mission 3 or 11 and sit there spamming Nano Emitters while the enemy is damaging you.

Note: The following combat achievements all involve performing a task multiple times. They bugged for me though, and unlocked after performing the task only once.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Scan Man
Use scan mode to identify 10 items.

Activate scan mode to find hidden caches/healing spots and enemies. Aim at a highlight object to scan it and see info about it. This is impossible to miss unless you are actively avoiding scan mode on purpose.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Directorial Debut
Get 20 kills using direct targeting in campaign.

“Direct targeting” means the right clicking on an enemy to direct your crew to priortise destroy them. You’ll probably get this naturally as you want your crew to help you on the bigger enemies.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Shell Shock
Stagger 20 enemies with concussion grenades.

Concussion grenades are Coqui, Agnes, and Ox-Eye’s unique ability. They stagger enemies and make them more vulnerable to damage. Impossible to miss as you’ll do this as part of a challenge.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Timed Advantage
Use your slow field on 20 enemies.

Slow field is Seguin’s unique ability. As the name implies, it creates an area that slows any enemies that walk through it. Impossible to miss as you’ll do this as part of a challenge.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Death From Above
Destroy 20 enemies with the mortar strike ability.

Mortar strike is Doyle’s unique ability. He launches a massive barrage of explosives at the designated target. Impossible to miss as you’ll do this as part of a challenge.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Destroy 20 enemies with the ground slam ability.

Ground slam is Six-Oh-Two’s unique ability. He runs up to the target and slams it into the ground, damaging it and the entire area around him. Impossible to miss as you’ll do this as part of a challenge.


Disintegration Achievement Guide
Sensory Upgrade
Socket a chip on a crew member.

See Fully Loaded.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Maximum Gains
Level up your crew to level 10.

See Fully Loaded.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Fully Loaded
Full upgrade every crew member with chips.

There are two parts to upgrading crew members.
First is the crew level. After each mission, you will receive “experience points” based on the amount of salvage collected during the mission. Levelling up unlocks more upgrades for your crew members. The last upgrades are unlocked at level 10 – which requires 54,000 salvage. It’s unlikely you’ll collect this much during a single run through of the campaign, so you’ll need to replay missions.
Secondly, to apply the actual upgrade you need Upgrade Chips. These are given to you for completing mission challenges and can also be found in some high value caches.
There are six members to upgrade: yourself, Seguin, Doyle, Agnes, Ox-Eye, and Six-Oh-Two.


Disintegration Achievement Guide
School’s Out
Complete the training mission.

Easy. The tutorial can be found in the main menu. You’re also asked if you’d like to play the tutorial on starting a new game.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Garbage Day
Collect 1000 or more salvage in the campaign.

Impossible to miss as you’ll be getting this much salvage just from opening caches and defeating enemies. You’ll probably pass 1000 in the first mission.

Disintegration Achievement Guide
Historic Performance
Complete any mission on Outlaw difficulty.

Outlaw difficulty is the highest difficulty the game has to offer. I recommend finishing the campaign first so you have an upgraded crew and then replay the first mission.


Specific Challenges

Going over some of the more awkward challenges.

Mission 3

In the Clear – Complete mission without being hit by a Blackout Pulse
It’s best to do this on a second run when you don’t have to worry about collecting salvage crates. Remember to rush to the first protection zones when you reach the city gates to avoid the first pulse.

Pulse Pounding – Defeat enemies affected by Blackout Pulse
You probably won’t get this unless you specifically farm for it. After reaching the Blackout Tower, I destroyed half the cooling nodes (enemies didn’t seem to spawn if I didn’t) and backtracked to one of the previous protection zones. There I just waited for enemies to come and get caught in the pulse. As long as you don’t defeat the tower enemies will keep spawning.

Mission 12

Clear Skies – Defeat aerial enemies
This one was a little annoying as some flying enemies don’t spawn properly.

  • After overloading the first conduit, you turn left down a ramp and 1x Wasp (1/10) will spawn with the rest of the enemies at the bottom of the ramp.
  • Destroying all the Limiters for the second conduit (before using the Breaker Switch) will spawn 2x Gravcycles (3/10) one after another.
  • After the second conduit you will cross a field to the Primary Facility. Half across at the first senemy spawn will be 2x Wasps (5/10).
  • At the end of the same field as above will be a Thunderhead. Approaching the Thunderhead and engaging with it will spawn 2x Gravcycles (7/10).
  • After dropping off all your teamates, you will face a Thunderhead by yourself. After the battle, there will be seven grounding pillars that need to be destroyed.
    6 7
    4 5
    2 3
    • #1 was probably destroyed in the battle.
    • Destroying #2 and #3 will spawn 2x Elites and 1x Gravcycle (8/10).
    • Destroying #4 will 1x Elite and 1x Gravcycle (9/10).
    • Destroying #5 will 1x Elite and 1x Gravcycle (10/10).

    I recommend destroying the pillars in that order as when I left #2 to last the last two Gravcycles didn’t spawn.


That’s all we are sharing today in Disintegration Achievement Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.