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Witcher 3

One Reddit user created and sharedonline a complete bestiary for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The project is available, among others, as a PDF file and an application for PC and Android.

Witcher 3

Reddit user AWhaleFarmer prepared a complete bestiary for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. On his Google Drive account we can find the whole document in PDF format, individual pages in JPG, advice on printing the book, as well as the bestiary in the form of apps for PC (“The Witcher 3 Bestiary.rar” file) and for Android (“bestiary-release.apk” file).

The PC app has an option to change the background and play music (15 tracks from the game to choose from). The biggest disadvantage of this edition is its size – the archive with the program written in Unity takes over 9 GB. The Android version is fortunately much smaller and contains, among others, a convenient search engine. You can see the appearance of both versions in the video above.

In the case of the PDF document, it is worth noting that there is an invisible button in the lower left corner of each page with the description of the creature, clicking which takes the reader to a glossary explaining the meaning of the symbols in the book. Clicking on the bottom left corner of the last page will take the reader back to the very beginning of the document.


The author of the bestiary tried to contact the CD Projekt RED to find out if the creators of The Witcher have anything against his project, but still hasn’t received an answer from the studio.

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