Drive 21 Quick Start Guide for New Players

Drive 21 Quick Start Guide for New Players

15.12.2020 0 By Butcher79

For Drive 21 new players, if you are confused at the sart of the game on how to earn money this guide is for you. Let’s check it out.


First you have to buy your first car. go into the Garage, then click on Showroom. Then you can see all available vehicles and their prices. If you plan to buy a Sedan check that you have a trailer hitch! After you have bought it, go back to Garage, choose your vehicle and click on “Drive”.

After that you will wake up in your Home, use E to open the Doors and get outside to your car. Enter it and start the engine. Use R to upshift and F to downshift, C to change your camera position. If you are in a Sedan with a Trailer hitch, attach said trailer which is parked next to the car in the Carport by backing up to it and pressing T.

Once you have the trailer attached, drive to your first pickup point. The BLUE ones are for Trailers, the GREEN ones are for Vans! just drive on the spots and push E to see what mission is available there. Once you accept the mission the Target is getting highlighted on the Map and you can see a CLOSED BOX with a NUMBER corresponding to your distance (in Meters) to the target. Drive there in any way you see fit, stop over the target and push E again to finish the mission.

This is just a quickstart for new players that just started playing the game so please be kind. See you on the Street!


That’s all we are sharing today in Drive 21 Quick Start Guide for New Players, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.