10 Tips for Killing Nazis in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

10 Tips for Killing Nazis in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

19.08.2019 0 By Butcher79

This part of the series is very different from all previous ones. Many of the subtleties and mechanics of Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be new even to experienced players. In this guide we will tell you everything you need to win.

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Machine Games
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, PC

1. Use the support

From the very beginning of the game, both main characters have a special ability that allows you to support a partner. While both characters get gratuitous with + 25 armor.

The trick can be done about once per minute, and if the armor is already at the maximum, the additional 25 units is still charged, but gradually reduced. The only downside: when activated, which lasts about one and a half seconds, you can not shoot, so support should be activated before recharging.

By the way, later support can be improved, and then it will not give 25 armor, and 50! This is one of the priority improvements because it is literally survivability from the air.

2. Watch out for the type of armor

Here we are not talking about his character, and numerous opponents. In Wolfenstein: Youngblood, enemies often have one of two types of reservations. Protection is marked with two different types of white rectangles: painted vertical and “hollow” horizontal. Along with this, each weapon next to the ammunition displays the caliber and type of armor that it punches.

Perhaps this is not the most intuitive mechanics, but it still needs to be actively used. Because otherwise there is a risk to release the whole store and almost no damage. We saw the enemy with armor — just changed the weapons. If the armor is removed, the problem is solved, and you can damage any weapon in the Arsenal of the character.

3. Learn the Dual-Wielder

Dual-Wielder -img

As in other parts of the series, in Wolfenstein: Youngblood you can take a weapon in each hand, but now you need to learn the appropriate ability. And it is better to do it early, because the Dual-Wielder literally doubles the damage and thus increases the combat effectiveness at any stage of the game.

The disadvantage of this ability is exactly one — the accuracy of the shooting falls so much that the shooting at long distances will have to forget. But on the near any pair of “trunks” turns opponents into a sieve in a matter of seconds. In addition, the cartridges in the game quite a lot, and fights often take place at close range, where accuracy is not so important.

4. “Nadel” or “Stir»

What do these two words mean? It’s simple: in Youngblood weapons can be improved by three types of modifications. “”Nadel,” increases the damage from being hit in the head, “Tempo” rate increases, “Stier” increases average damage.

If you set three improvements of the same brand, the weapon will receive an additional bonus. So, “Tempo” — the most useless that can be screwed to most weapons. Well, except that ultrasound with a double grip, but they are only for close range, and with the “So on” spend ammunition in a matter of seconds. Therefore, either “Nadel” or “Stir”, the third, alas, is not given.

And, of course, if you installed one modification of a certain brand on the weapon, then the other two also put the same to unlock a special bonus. But, too, best have “Nadel” and “Stir.”

5. Forget about stealth with bot

In addition to the fierce skirmishes with the Nazis in Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a complete system of secrecy. All levels are designed so that they can be passed without raising the alarm. But only in co-op!

Unfortunately, when playing alone artificial intelligence partner does not allow “hiding”. He seems to even use the ability to disguise, but still constantly attracts the attention of opponents.

So forget about stealth bot, he just is not trained in such wisdom. Better call a friend through Buddy Pass, if you have a Deluxe edition, then he did not even have to buy the game.

6. Kill the officers

In addition to the usual opponents at the levels of Youngblood can be found officers. By themselves, they are quite weak and armed with guns, but they need to be killed in the first place. The reason is that they see the player, cause reinforcements consisting of fighters of a higher level. But they do it in a few seconds, and only if they have not received damage.

So before you thoughtlessly attack the next checkpoint, conduct reconnaissance and make sure that there are no officers nearby. If they are, then attack them first. Externally, they are quite simple to define — they are always dressed in a classic military uniform and do not wear helmets. Also, they do not have armor, so they can quickly kill any weapon.


7. See the skull — run!

The level system is one of the main innovations of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. With each typed character level of the player gets points and bonus abilities in 1% of the entire damage damage.

Opponents also have levels, and if it is much higher than yours and is displayed in the form of a skull, it is better to run. Because the damage to this enemy will be several times lower, even if you use the right weapon to break through the armor. Sometimes, however, you have to fight with such enemies in the story, but in other cases it is better to go and “pump up”.

In the later stages of the game, after about level 30, opponents with skulls will stop annoying you. This means that the end of the game is near.

8. Do not clean up the levels

Once on the first open location in Paris, a novice player will probably start to completely “clean” every corner of the opponents and collect every coin. This is by and large useless, unless you need to urgently raise the level to study any ability. The reason is that in Youngblood there is a “respawn”, and quite frequent.

Therefore, there is no point in a complete sweep of the levels. For it is not given to reward, and “pumping” it goes faster if you focus on the execution of the story and side quests.

However, each level should be thoroughly investigated at least once to collect notes and audio diaries, and, more importantly, to open all the alternative ways that later will help you get to the right place faster.

9. Shotgun is useless

If a newcomer asks what is the weakest weapon in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, an experienced fighter against the Nazis immediately say “shotgun, of course! And will be absolutely right, because this weapon is all around inferior to other models, even the basic “Blinger”. The only thing worse than a shotgun is a starter pistol, but you shouldn’t use it at all.

The main problem of the shotgun is its low rate of fire with not the greatest damage and accuracy. Of course, you can try to install a modification of the “Tempo”, but the weapon will still be suitable only for short distances, where it is much more profitable to use the same “blitz” or paired ultrasound. They even charge faster.

10. Knives — power!

It is possible that this is a bug, but the knives in Youngblood cause some abnormal damage to almost all enemies. So if you thought that they are only for covert passage, as soon as possible change your mind.

Knives not only often kill enemies hit in the head, but also well punch any armor. The only drawback is a parabolic flight path. But up close, if the bullets came out, there is nothing better than to throw a couple of knives in a row to finish off the wounded enemy.

However, it is possible that this is a bug, later the developers will fix it. Because now the knives are, perhaps, too strong.